Dear Diary - Ok, second year at college. Breaks over and it's the first day of classes. I have a heavy load of classes I've signed up for. I also signed up -again - for the cheerleading squad, and - again - I'm going to be kissing the team captain's cunt, literally.

Not that I mind, really. Diana is a looker, and kissing her cunt did get me on the first squad. I just wish she weren't such a bitch, after all, some of the non-lesbians deserve to be on first squad too, but because she's the coach's "special friend" she gets to hand pick the squad members.

Well, I'm off to class now. Aerobics, Algebra, and English today.


Oh, gawd, I am so ashamed. I was in the locker room getting changed for Aerobics. Diana was there, as was the entire squad (coach requires us all to take Aerobics). Then she walked in. Her name is Rebecca. An amazonian beauty, the likes of which are seen only once in a lifetime. Trouble was, she had two things which were destined to make her Diana's enemy. At 5'6" and a 36C bra size, Diana hates anybody taller or with a bigger bust than her. And this girl was over 6' and had HUGE tits. Tits that were so big she must've had to get her bras custom made.

Now, Diana might hate women with big tits, but me, I find them utterly fascinating, the bigger, the better. And, of course, this being a cruel and unfair universe, Diana caught me ogling her as she changed into her leotards. Diana didn't say anything at first, but if I had learned anything about her last year, I knew the depths of Diana's bitchiness knew no bounds. And, of course, I was right. During class, I couldn't help but stare at Rebecca as she moved. But after class, Diana made her move. Actually, she had me make her move. She had me go over and tease Rebecca about her big tits. I tried to refuse, but Diana made it clear, tease Rebecca or I was off the cheerleading squad. And I'm ashamed to say, I did it. When I did, Rebecca gave me a look that would've wilted fresh lettuce. And I deserved it.

Then, the universe, playing it's next cruel and unfair trick, put Rebecca in all my classes today. I couldn't even look at her all day. I just hope tomorrow will be better.


Once again, the universe has proven itself cruel and unfair. Except for Chem 201, Rebecca is in all my classes. It might not have been so bad, but Diana had to be in our Japanese class with us. She had me go over and tease her once more before she left for the day. Well, tonight should be better. It's the first meeting of the "Cheerleading Pep Club". Actually it's just an excuse for all of us Cheerleading Lesbos to get together and have some sexual fun. I'll tell you about it later.


Damn. I thought this evening's entertainment would help settle me. Instead, it's only made things worse. The evening started off as usual, with all of us in Diana's "stable" (if that sounds bitter, it's because it's how I feel right now) showing up at her house. We did what we usually do, we put all of our names on slips of paper, and put them into a hat. Of the twelve of us, six are drawn. These are the senior partners. Then each of these six draws a name from the remaining six. These are the junior partners. Then, for one hour, the junior partners have to do anything that the senior partner requests. The only requirements are that no physical pain can be involved and at least 30 minutes has to be devoted to being naked and alone with each other. After the draw I turned out to be junior partner to Cheryl. Now don't get me wrong, Cheryl's a marvelous girl. It's just that she's a bit... unimaginative. She took me upstairs (Diana rents a house with 4 of the other cheerleaders, so we've always got plenty of space) and closed the door, locking us in together.

She looked at me with lust in her eyes. "Strip." I started to do a slow striptease for her, but she just said, "Faster." I quickly shucked out of my clothes, as she stripped out of hers (any of the other girls would've had me take their clothes off for them). She then ordered me to rub her breasts, which I gladly did. She moaned, leaned forward and kissed me. Our tongues mingled together as her hand sought for and found my cunt. I gasped and pulled her closer to me, our breasts crushing together. After our kiss, Cheryl, her fingers still in me, walked over to a chair, pulling me behind her. She had me sit down, then knelt between my legs and starting eating my muff. That was when it first happened. I thought I felt this weird pressure on my legs, and when I looked down, it wasn't Cheryl between my legs, it was her, Rebecca, I mean. I shook my head to clear it, and Cheryl was back. Trouble was, my thoughts kept drifting back to her. So after Cheryl finished me off, and took her turn in the chair, it happened again. I looked up as I was licking Cheryl's cunt and saw Rebecca playing with those huge tits of hers. I tried to shake my head, but the image wouldn't go away. Luckily, Cheryl didn't seem to sense a thing, and when she came, the image of Rebecca faded.

Then Cheryl took us over to the bed, had me strap on a dildo (a large collection of sex toys is kept in every room) and start fucking away. And then it happened again. I saw Rebecca underneath me. And Rebecca looked up at me and smiled. This time I gave in and gave "Rebecca" the best fucking I could. Trouble was, after we finished, and Cheryl came like gangbusters, I felt really guilty, and had to leave, telling Cheryl that I didn't feel well. To avoid any complications, I snuck out. If there was one thing I didn't want to deal with it was Diana.

As I walked home, I broke down in tears. I realized I had fallen for Rebecca, but had probably blown any chance I had with her.


It's been a weird day today. And I don't mean weird as in a few odd things happened, I mean weird as in outright Bizarre! When I woke up this morning , I went into the bathroom and peed. But I did it standing up. It wasn't until I got to school and was about to change for Aerobics that I realized, I had grown a penis in the night! Yeah, I know, it sounds nuts, but right now, instead of a moist slit, I've got a dick hanging from my crotch. And the weird thing is, I'm not freaked in the slightest. It just seems so natural hanging there. But as I got out my leotard, I realized I had a problem. There was no way that leotard was going to hide my new appendage. Then, as I stood there wondering what I was going to do, Rebecca walked in, and out jumped the fantasy. I stared at her, seeing her on her back with me on top of her, pumping away into her with my dick. I couldn't take my eyes off of her as she changed, with my dick getting harder and harder (by the way, that was when I found out I had about 9-10 inches of dick meat). After she was changed and everybody had gone to start class (I had told everybody who asked that I still wasn't feeling well), I had to go into one of the stalls and jack off a few times. But every time I came, I'd close my eyes, Rebecca would spring to mind, and, ta da, my erection was back.

I stayed inside of the stall as the girls in the class returned. A few girls asked me through the door if I was okay, but I begged them off. That is, when my attention wasn't focused wholly on Rebecca's voice in the background. It took all I had not to rush from the stall and assault her right in front of everyone. I waited until all the sounds dispersed, hoping that everyone had left. I exited the stall and saw Rebecca. I hoped that I could controlled myself , but she looked at me, and said, "What's wrong with you?" and that's all it took. I rushed across the room, slamming her against the lockers. I grabbed the back of her head, and pulled her down to me, plastering my lips to hers. I'm not sure exactly how it happened, but the next thing I knew, we were on the ground, and I was ripping off her panties. Both our skirts were raised as I pushed my cock against her slit, and slammed home. I started ramming into her, not paying much attention as I slammed against her, but surprisingly she didn't seem to mind.

We moved together until we came together. Then, as I lay atop her, I looked up at her, and realized something. I had just raped this girl! Needless to say, I freaked. I jumped up and tried to run away, but tripped over something, what, I'm not sure. Before I could get up, Rebecca had me in her arms as we sat together on the floor. I tried to get away, but Rebecca is stronger than she looks, and held me as I struggled, finally getting me to explain how I felt. To explain that I had raped her. She got a concerned look on her face as she took my face in her hand and told me that I hadn't raped her. She told me that she had wanted me as much as I had wanted her and then she kissed me. Which, of course, was Diana's cue to walk in on us.

"Well, isn't this cute," she said. I looked up at her, and she told me, "You're off the team," and walked away. Luckily she hadn't seen my dick, but after she left, I broke down in tears and told Rebecca why I had been so mean. Rebecca apologized for thinking bad thoughts about me, for what I had done over the last couple days (for which I really love her even more).

We spent the rest of the day as close as possible, before we each went home .


The next day, Becca was absent. (She told me to call her that.) I wasn't too concerned, but when she was missing the next day then I got worried. I called the next morning, but when there was no answer, I practically ran over to her apartment. I knocked on the door, but there was no answer. I was about to leave when I heard somebody moan inside. I started pounding on the door, but there was still nothing. I pounded harder, and started calling out to Becca. Then I heard something that scared me to death. I heard Becca scream in pain.

I started slamming my fists against the door. I think I would've broken down the door if Becca hadn't chosen that minute to open it. God, she looked bad. I wanted to run in and take her in my arms, but somehow I managed to control myself. "Are you okay?" I asked. "Yeah, it's just some Migraines. I used to get 'em a lot about 6 years ago . They'll pass." "Well, when you didn't show up for classes the last couple days, I got worried." Becca got this confused look on her face. "What day is it?" she asked.

"It's Saturday morning." When she got introspective as though she didn't really understand what I was talking about, I said, "Geez, you really are out of it. I'm gonna stay by your side till you're better." Then I slipped between her and the door before she could say no. "Jo, I'll be okay," she protested. "I'm sure, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to take care of you." That seemed to help her. I helped her over to a big cushy chair in the center of the room and she collapsed into it. "Is there anything I can get for you?"

She told me about some tea in the kitchen, and I went in to fix it. When I was in the very spacious kitchen I finally noticed how big and spacious her place was. I was sure she must've had at least a couple roommates, and I asked her where they were. She shocked me by saying, "I don't have any." At first I thought she was kidding, so I stepped out where I could see her face. "Don't have any? What is this, a two bedroom apartment?"

Rubbing her temples, she said, "Three." I realized that Becca must come from wealth. Then I thought about Diana and laughed. "If you think Diana hated you before, wait till she finds out you come from a wealthy family." "Well, I do come from a wealthy family, but the rent for this place comes from my own money." At first I thought she was bragging or just kidding, but then I realized she was too out of it to be kidding about anything. Still disbelieving, I asked her, "You're kidding?"

"Nope." Then she let it slip. "You've got a wealthy girlfriend, Jo." I was ecstatic. She had finally admitted that she was my girlfriend. I must've let my feelings show through, because she asked, "What?"

"That's the first time you've called yourself my girlfriend."

"Do you mind?" Did I mind? Was she kidding? I was as pleased as you can imagine. I wanted to scream out the same thing to everyone I had met, and if I'd have had access to the broadcasting station at the college radio station at that very moment I might've just done that. But somehow I got the feeling that Becca wasn't quite as expressive as I was, and wouldn't appreciate such an open display of affection. I managed to contain myself and just said, "Not at all." But I couldn't contain all my joy and when I went back into the kitchen, I couldn't help but whistle happily. At that point I also dared to hope that maybe Becca might let me become her roommate. Not that I minded my current roomie, but she's a cheerleader and with me off the squad, things are a little strained between us.

As the water started to come to a boil, I asked, "What do you want in your tea?" From the living room, she said, "A little lemon, some honey and a couple teaspoons of sugar." "Honey and sugar?" As a cheerleader I could eat a little more sugar than a lot of people, but I still had to watch my intake of calories to keep from getting fat. It was then that I noticed that Becca's kitchen was stocked with more kinds and types of sugary foods than you can imagine. Cookies, Twinkies, chips, ice cream (four different flavors open and partially eaten in the freezer), breads, pastas of all types, cereals, both frosted and high carb, they were all there. "You've got a real sweet tooth, don't you?"

"Very much so." I poured us both a glass of tea (she used a highly sugared instant as opposed to tea bags), and brought them out to her. I handed her the highly (and I felt over) sugared one as I sat on a chair beside her. "I made myself a glass. I hope you don't mind." "Not at all. My kitchen is your kitchen." Which made me think of the idea of moving in again. "Which is as good an opening as any. I've got a question for you." "Shoot." "Well, you've got so much extra space here and I was wondering..." "Yes?"

It seemed like such an easy thing. Just come right out and ask her. Even if she said no, it wouldn't be the end of the world, would it? But somehow just asking seemed the hardest thing in the world. Somehow I managed to blurt out, "Could I move in? I could pay part of the rent, so I wouldn't be a freeloader." I couldn't help wondering if that was as desperate as it sounded to me. Becca got a shocked look on her face. It took her a few seconds, but she finally said, "I'll think about it." But I could tell the idea didn't thrill her. I turned away so she wouldn't see the disappointment in my eyes, and said, "Oh, I understand."

I felt her hand on my arm. I turned and faced her, and she was clearly concerned that I had misunderstood her. "No, I don't think you do. Jo, I'm a very private person. I was fifteen before I got a room of my own. Before coming here, I lived in a house with five adults, two babies, and me . I value my privacy, and if it were anybody but you, I wouldn't even consider it. But right now, thanks to this migraine, I can't consider much of anything. Just give me some time, hun." I managed a smile and asked, "Is there anything more that I can do for you? " "Well, there is something that always used to help." "Name it." Becca smiled as she snaked her hand under my skirt and started rubbing my dick through my panties. "Oh. Well that I could do for you." I stood up and reached under my skirt. I barely managed to get my panties from around my dick, it was so hard. Somehow I managed to get them off without ripping them. After I got them off, I stood up, my skirt tented out from me around my dick.

I looked at Becca. She had managed to get her robe off without standing up, and was totally naked underneath. And let me tell you, if I hadn't been hard before, the sight of her naked definitely would've gotten me there fast. "Let me see you naked. Now!" she ordered, and it was an order I was happy to obey. I slowly pulled the sweater I was wearing over my head as I moved as seductively as I could. I danced in nothing more than my skirt, slip, and bra for a few seconds, before unzipping my skirt and letting it fall to the ground. I grasped my dick through the slip I was wearing and fondled myself for a bit before pulling the slip off. I reached up and fondled my tits through my bra before reaching behind me and unsnapping it. I danced naked for a few seconds before I climbed on top of Becca and took her tits in hand. I knew my strip tease had done its job when my dick (seemingly with a mind of its own) found Becca's very wet cunt. She moaned as I penetrated into her. I rubbed and stroked her tits, and kissed her as my hips started to pump against her.

She took my tits in hand and rubbed them as I rubbed hers (although admittedly she had much less to rub than I did). Her hips started to buck underneath me in response to my own motion. God, I wanted to hold back, but I just couldn't manage to and before I knew it, I was spraying deep into her cunt. I would've felt guilty for cumming so quickly, if Rebecca hadn't been screaming and cumming underneath me. Y'know, I always wondered why guys seemed to be so concerned with their own needs and desires when it came to sex, but considering what I had gone through since growing my new dick, I'm surprised that more guys aren't "quick triggers". But then again most guys don't have a lady as sexy as Rebecca when they're doing the deed. We looked into each other's eyes as she wordlessly lifted me to where she could slip my dick into her mouth. I leaned back, sitting on her ample bosom. She started moving her head up and down on me as I started rubbing my ass on her tits. Soon I was letting loose another load of cum, this time into her mouth.

We fucked and came together a couple more times before falling asleep in each other's arms. All without leaving the chair. In fact, our love making was so intense, that I was sure I felt a third hand on my body at times. God, I love that girl.


Sometimes I think there really is a God, like when Rebecca and I are together. Then other times, I feel the universe is just a cruel, insensitive place.

The next day, I woke up, still in Rebecca's arms. Rebecca seemed worlds better than she had the day before. We had a quickie before we got dressed and Rebecca sent me on my way, promising to call me later tonight. I walked home, skipping all the way. When I got there, I went in and yelled for Candice, my roommate. It was a little unusual, but she wasn't there. I went into the kitchen and fixed some breakfast (Rebecca offered, but everything she had for breakfast was way too sugary for my tastes). Then I heard the door open and Candice stumble in. All she was saying was, "oh, god," over and over again.

I walked to were I could see her. She was frantically trying to rip her clothes off and was headed to the bathroom. I ran to her and grabbed her. "Candice, what's wrong?" "I've got to get showered. I've got to get clean." I held her tight. "What's wrong?" She looked me in the eyes, and I could see her trying to hold back tears. "Last night, I was walking home from Diana's," another meeting of the cheerleading glee club, "when I was grabbed from behind and dragged into the bushes. Then I... I was..."


Candice nodded. "Now I got to get him off of me. I got to get clean." She tried to push past me to the bathroom, but I didn't... I couldn't let her shower. "Candice, no. We've got to get you to the hospital." "I just want to get showered and forget about it."

"You have to get to the hospital and get checked out. There might be something really wrong. You also need to let the police get any evidence they can in case this guy does this to someone else." She started to protest, but I just took her and guided her back towards the door. "Don't worry, hun. I'll stay with you every minute." We went down, and took the bus to the local hospital. Through planning, our apartment was on the same bus route as the hospital. After we got there and got Candice admitted, I heard Rebecca calling my name. I went over and hugged her.

Then I realized something. "Becca, how did you know I was here?" "Well, don't laugh, but I'm psychic. I got a flash of you in this hospital and ran here as fast as I could." "It wasn't me, but it was my roomie. She was attacked and raped." "That's terrible." Then a policeman came up. "Miss Jo Johnson, miss Freeman," Candice, "has asked if you could be present while we talk to her." I excused myself and went to be with Candice. While I was there I couldn't help but think of Becca. I wanted to move in with her so much, but I didn't want to leave Candice high and dry. I was really torn. But Rebecca turned out to be a big help there. After the police left, Becca knocked on the door and stuck her head in. "Can I come in?"

I gave Candice a questioning look. She nodded and I waved Becca in. "Candice, this is Rebecca." Candice said, "Yeah, I know. Since Diana kicked you off the team, everybody knows who Rebecca is." Candice turned to Rebecca. "Rebecca, I want you to know that there are only a couple girls on the team who don't think that Diana is out of control. Unfortunately, as long as she and the coach are engaged in their "private training" there isn't a whole lot we can do." "Hey, no problem. I'm a forgiving girl." "I'm just glad Jo forgave me." "Hey, nothing to forgive, Candice."

"Look, I know you two are getting kind of exclusive, but, Jo, could you spend the night with me? In my bed, I mean." Geez, what was I gonna say? With me now having a dick, I didn't know how I could say yes, but after what Candice had been through how could I say no? Luckily Becca came to my rescue. "Actually, that's... almost a good opening for something I wanted to ask you two. The other night I asked Jo to move in with me, but she didn't want to leave you without a roommate." I knew it was untrue, but I figured she had changed the story so as to not make Candice feel abandoned. Candice looked at me. "Jo, you didn't have to do that for me."

I was trying to think of something to say as Becca went on. "Anyways, I just called my aunt and told her what happened. She expressed quite a bit of concern over my staying where I was, so, as we speak, she's arranging the purchase of a condo in a high security building for me." I was amazed. "And it looks like my new place is gonna be larger than the old. Now, Candice, you don't know how large my old place is, but suffice it to say that makes the new place rather huge. And I was wondering, would both of you like to move in with me?"

At that moment I was too scared to even look at Candice. Last night I would've sworn that Becca had no intention of accepting one roommate, much less two. Now if Candice would just accept I was sure that I could find a way to work everything else out. "I'm not sure about that," Candice said. "I think I'd be jealous hearing you two in the other room and knowing I wasn't a part of it." Becca stepped up, wrapped her arm around me, reached down, took Candice's hand, placed it in mine, and, with her hand on both of ours, said, "I don't mind sharing if Jo doesn't." I looked at Candice, and the desire in my eyes must've been plain on my face, because she said, "Alright already. I know when I'm licked. Let's do it." I was ecstatic. But I felt I had to say something. "You realize Diana'll probably boot you off the team for this?" "Screw Diana." "Isn't that the problem?" Becca asked. "Huh?" "That you've been screwing Diana?"

Both Candice and I realized that she was joking and had a laugh about it. "Thanks," Candice said, "I needed that."

"No prob. But there are a couple things. First, I don't think I could keep my hands off either of you if we slept in the same room, so although I expect to spend a lot of time sharing beds, each of you gets your own room. " Then with a smile on her face, she said, "Otherwise I'll never get any homework done."

Candice asked, "And second?" Becca's smile widened. "You won't be licked till one or both of us get you into bed with us." "Promises, promises." Becca let go of both of us. "I got to go handle some stuff with my new place." Then she kissed me and said, "Call me later, okay?" I nodded, and after she left, I hugged Candice. "Thanks, Candice, you've made me really happy." "No prob." Then she lowered her voice to a whisper. "I can see why you like her so much. She's a hottie." I knew Candice was teasing, but I still couldn't help but blush. We spent the next couple hours talking before I called Becca. Amazingly her new place was ready to move into. The doctors asked Candice's to spend the night for observation, so I went home and, with Becca's help, packed up all our stuff. We fell asleep in each other's arms. We were too tired to do anything more than sleep, but I felt comforted and loved in her arms.


I was awakened that morning with a loving kiss from Becca. We got up, got ready and attended class as normal. That afternoon we went and picked up Candice, and took her home. You can't imagine how amazingly pleasant it is to say that, and realize that I'm talking about me, my best friend, and my lover. After we got Candice settled in, I cornered Becca in the kitchen. "Becca, can I talk to you about something?"

"Anything you'd like." "I'm worried about something." "About what?" "Well, don't get me wrong. I'm glad the three of us are here together, it's just that I'm worried about Candice's reaction to..." and I looked down at my crotch. "Well, why don't you just tell her?" "But she's seen me naked before. I can't just say that I've always had it." "Hun, I don't think you've got anything to worry about. Candice seems to be a very understanding girl." I wasn't convinced, but Becca's smile had a way of calming me and making me feel as if everything would be all right.

We ordered in and pigged out. We got pizza, sushi, Chinese, chicken, and subs. With all we ordered, I was sure we'd have leftovers, but Becca finished off what Candice and I didn't eat. We set the dishes in the sink for later (each of us used a couple plates, silverware and a glass); according to the schedule we had worked out earlier, Becca got first night on dishes duty. Then we went into the living room and chatted for a while. After a little bit, Becca stood up, and said, "There's something I have to show you two. A secret I have to share."

At first I thought she was taking the lead and was going to reveal me to Candice, but then she pulled her blouse out of her skirt, and held it up. I was wondering what she was doing when I saw it. Snaking out from behind her was a long, cord-like thing. It took me a few seconds to realize it was a tail , it was natural, and it was Rebecca's! I was shocked and stunned. I'm still not sure of exactly how it happened, but the next thing I knew I was standing next to Becca, stroking her tail. "It's so smooth and velvety." But I wondered how I had managed to miss this. "But I don't get it, how did you manage to keep it hidden?"

"Well, after all the years I've had it, I've managed to learn a few tricks to keeping it hidden." "But where did it come from?" "It's a genetic abnormality. I have to keep it secret to avoid a lot of problems, but since there was no way I was gong to be able to keep it secret from you two for very long. I just hope you two can keep my secret." Candice stood up, came over and hugged Becca. "Of course, we'll keep your secret . Won't we, Jo?" I was still a little shocked, and ashamed to admit it, but it took me a few seconds to say, "Of course, Becca. I'd never do anything to risk hurting you." Becca wrapped her arms around both of us and hugged us tight. I looked up into her eyes and saw love, but also something else, and when Becca looked down to my crotch I realized that it was now my turn to reveal. "Since we're revealing secrets, there's something I need to show you, Candice." "Is this something you can show Rebecca," she asked, "or should she leave ? No offense, Becca." "None taken."

"Well, Becca already knows about it." I then stepped back, turned around, took off my skirt, slip and panties, and then turned back around. I could tell Candice was shocked. Usually a very calm, intelligent speaker, she could only manage to say, "Jo, you got a... I mean... What happened?" What was I going to say, I didn't know myself. "I don't know. But last Wednesday, I woke up with this. Becca and I have already had fun with it on a couple occasions. I just hope you can keep it a secret, too." Candice walked over and hugged me. "Of course, hun. I just wish I had a secret I could share with the both of you." That was Candice to a T. Understanding, compassionate, and sensitive.

We all got into a big group hug before Becca went out to take care of the dishes. After she was gone, Candice sat me down and said, "So how do you like your new dick?" "Well, that's the strange part. Ever since I got it, it just seems so natural on me. In fact it was a while before I even remembered that I used to have a cunt. And I can tell you, it really makes going to the bathroom a lot easier when all I have to do is pee." "Wow, you really seem to have adjusted to it." "I know. Now, I'm not sure I'd go back if I could." Candice smiled. "Well, I'm gonna go help Becca." "You don't mind if I skip that, do you?"

"No. I know how much you hate doing the dishes. Why don't you go in and turn down the bed in Becca's room for our evening's festivities?" "That I have no problem doing." I went in to Becca's room (the room we had agreed to use this night) and folded down the covers on her bed. I tried to get everything perfect for tonight. Then I went to the kitchen to get the others. I saw Candice with her arms around Becca and, I'm ashamed to admit it, I was suddenly very, very jealous. How dare Candice touch MY girl? In an effort to get them to stop, I said, "Are you girls about finished? I'd like to get to this evening's festivities."

Then Becca turned and with nothing more than a love filled smile dispelled all my jealousy. Luckily neither seemed to notice what I had just went through . Candice teased me by saying, "Slutty wench." I stuck my tongue out at her and said, "And don't pretend you don't love it." I came over and helped load the dishwasher with the last of the dishes. Then we went into the bedroom, and got undressed. I had the least on, having only my blouse and bra remaining, so I was first who was nude and on the bed. I got the treat of watching both Becca and Candice get undressed. Candice was finished slightly before Becca (no surprise there, at 6'2" she's got a few more buttons on her blouse then Candice does) and joined me on the bed.

We waited for Becca to join us, and we laid her back on the bed, and each of us took one of her tits and started massaging and licking it. Becca was quickly wriggling underneath us. Now, I'm not ashamed to admit it, Candice's a much better tit licker than I am. And I could tell that Becca was getting much more turned on by her tongue than by mine. I'm also proud to admit, that I was pleased by Becca's pleasure, even if it did come from somewhere else. Of course, there was one area where Candice would never be able to match me. I reached down, fingered Becca's cunt for a bit, then climbed between her legs, pressing my dick to her slit. Becca really let loose with a moan as I pressed into her. I started fucking her with a smooth in and out motion. Shortly, she flipped me onto my back, and sat up, all without letting me out of her.

Candice straddled my head and slowly lowered herself down onto me, until I could lance my tongue up into her cunt. She ground her hips into me, and Becca rode me like I was a horse, bouncing up and down on me like a rider at full gallop. And believe me, I loved it. I just wish I could've held back longer, but soon I was spraying deep into Becca. Luckily, Becca was close enough so my cumming pushed her over the edge. And between my cunt licking and Becca's hands on her tits, Candice was cumming right along with us. Becca rolled off of me and lay beside me. Candice got on my other side and took my dick in hand and stroked it back to hardness. Then she took my dick and slid it between her lips. And she was good. She gave me a blow job, the likes of which I've never had. Of course, having had my dick less than a week, I'm not sure how hard that is. But, before I could cum, Candice pulled her head off of me. I whimpered until I saw her straddle my legs, and skewer herself on my dick. I reached up and rubbed Candice's tits while Becca did the same to mine. And, once more, it was too much for me, and I was spraying up into Candice.

I lay there exhausted. But Becca and Candice were still raring to go. So they gave me a break, and went to the other end of the bed and played with each other. It started with some innocent kissing, but quickly became more passionate French kissing. Both girls were stroking each other's tits. Their hands wandered each other's bodies. Candice's hand found Becca's cunt first and she gasped as Candice's fingers entered her. Becca quickly moved her own hand to Candice's cunt and slipped them in, eliciting a similar gasp of pleasure from Candice. They rocked on each other's hands, both giving and getting pleasure. This erotic scene was having its effect on me. I couldn't help but reach down and stroke myself as my lovers played with each other. Soon, the girls noticed what I was doing, and came back to me. They leaned down, moved my hand away from my dick, then kissed each other, with my dick sandwiched between their lips. They then proceeded to give me a dual mouth blow job, and had me spraying between them, getting cum all over their faces. I lay back, far too exhausted to do anything but watch as Candice and Becca cleaned each other's faces with their tongues. They then returned to their mutual hand jobs. I watched, fascinated but too wiped to do anything as Candice and Becca brought each other off.

They then lay down beside me. I saw Becca's tit right in front of my face and suckled it like a baby until I fell asleep. I hope Candice wasn't jealous, but I was just too tired to do anything more.


I found this diary after a month and a half of not writing in it. It's Halloween and Candice, Becca and I have become a pretty inseparable trio. Candice didn't get booted from the cheerleading team. Apparently after Diana's stunt with me, the rest of the team threatened a walk-out if she tried it again, especially since Candice had been raped. Unfortunately the rapist has yet to be caught, and has turned out to be a serial rapist with a taste for cheerleaders. So far, 7 girls including Candice from the team have been attacked and raped.

Well we were planning on going to a party when the strangest stuff happened. Candice had dressed as a were-cat (Candice's always had a thing for cats), I was dressed as a ninja (I decided it was either that or geisha in honor of my Japanese mother's heritage), and Becca dressed up as a whore (in a loose fitting dress that she was almost falling out of, and a hell of a lot too much make-up). We were walking along towards the party, when Becca suddenly stopped. We, of course, stopped, and asked what was going on. Becca suddenly said, "Bastard!" and took off at a run. Both Candice and I were surprised, but we quickly followed. Becca ran into the park, and as we approached a darkened section of the park, we heard a frightened woman's voice screaming, "No! Oh, God, please, no!" We followed Becca towards the voice and saw her clothesline a man standing over a woman with his pants down. The man flipped head over heels, landing on his stomach. Becca turned back to us and yelled, "Get her out of here!" Candice grabbed the girl, helped her to her feet, and started to move her out of the park. "Jo, give me a hand!"

And I wanted to, but that would've meant leaving Becca. Now I know Becca can handle herself, but that doesn't mean I liked the option. I stood there, torn and unable to make a decision as to what to do, until Candice snapped me out of it by yelling, "Jo, Becca can take care of herself, but not if she's worrying about us, now get over here and help me out!" I realized that Candice was right, and quickly ran over and helped her to get this woman out of the park. As we were helping her from the park, I realized who it was. The woman who had almost become another victim of the rapist was Diana! I suppose I should've felt anger or the like, but all I felt for her was pity. Candice and I got her back to our place (it lies on the outskirts of the park). I was about to call the police when Becca walked in "Are you all right?" I asked. "Yeah, I'm fine." Then Becca saw who she had saved. Her eyes narrowed in anger and she said, "I'm gonna head to my room. You guys can handle this." The last had not been a question but rather something more like a command. I stopped her. I whispered to her, "Becca, let it go. I know Diana has been harassing you, but we're together; we're happy. Don't let what she's done poison you inside." Becca stopped. Without looking back at Diana, she said, in a voice loud enough for everyone to hear, "I can't just forgive her for what she's done. Maybe if it were just to me, but it wasn't." "I've forgiven her."

"Really? You say that now, but would you say that if you were going through one of your spells where you sit awake at night and fondle your cheerleading outfit longingly?" And I had thought that no one had known about that. "Maybe not." "I didn't think so." I was about to say something more, when Becca started heading to her room. "Becca!" Diana suddenly yelled, "Jo Beth!" I turned to where I could see both Becca and Diana. I saw Becca's hands clench and got really worried. I knew that if Diana said anything nasty to me she might wind up wishing the rapist had gotten her. But Diana surprised every one of us by saying, "She's right. I don't deserve to be forgiven."

Becca relaxed and turned around, the suspicion evident on her face. "Now this is a new tactic. What're you up to?" "Becca! Cut her some slack! She was almost raped!" "Look! I wouldn't wish being raped on my worst enemy. But let's face facts, at this point in my life, SHE is my worst enemy." Becca pushed past me and confronted Diana. "Now what the hell did I ever do to you? Why do you hate me so? For that matter why do you hate anyone with larger tits than you?" Diana sighed. She didn't even look up as she said, "I'm sorry; I really am. I don't mean to be so mean, but I see it happening and I can't stop it." "But why?!" "It's kind of a long story." "Well, we got time." Diana just sat there for a while, not saying anything. Finally, she sighed and started her story. "I wasn't born a woman. I was born John Singleton." This I found amazing. I had licked Diana's cunt and found it hard to believe that it was anything other than natural. "When I was 10, my parents died, the victims of a drunk driver. They left me, my older sister , and older brother well off in terms of cash, but very, very alone.

"Now my sister and brother had always been close, and I was kind of the odd man out. At the time of my parents death, my sister was 16, and my brother 18. Both took after dad, and were big, and tall, where as I took after mom , and was small, and thin. They were both jocks, where I tended to prefer more artistic endeavors.

"So, two years later, my sister decides she doesn't want a little brother anymore, she wanted a little sister, so she talks my brother into allowing her to force feminize me. She beat me, dressed me in girl's clothes, allowed her boyfriends to get out their gay tendencies by raping me. She even talked my brother into hiring a professional Dominatrix to break my will. "And that was the beginning of my real problems. Mistress Catherine force fed me female hormones in order to get me to start developing a female body. And it worked. For the next three years, I was kept like that. A transsexual she-male slave to my sister's insane desire. I had to be her sex toy, personal slave, and sometime hooker. "When I was 15, we had a change of social workers. My brother tried to buy the new guy off, but it didn't work. The social worker found out what was going on and had my brother and sister thrown into jail. But by then, the damage was done, and I was forced to undergo the sexual reassignment surgery, and live the rest of my life as a woman."

I said, "I don't get it. If you hadn't already gone through the surgery, why couldn't you just take counter-balancing doses of male hormones and become Alan again?" "If they had been using normal hormones, I might've been able to do that. But they weren't. They used a new hormone called Estrogen GX-3." At this point, Becca spoke up. With real compassion in her voice, she asked, "And they pumped you full of EGX-3 for three years?" Diana nodded. "Holy crap." "What? What is this Estrogen GX-3?"

Rebecca explained, "Estrogen GX-3 was a concentrated hormone compound that was combined with an unusually reactive agent designed to create a faster, more powerful reaction in the male body resulting in much more feminine development in the body." I still didn't get it. "So? Why not use the counterpart male hormone?" "There was no counterpart agent. Despite Freud's theories of penis envy, there are a lot more men who want to become women then there are women who want to become men. As a result the technology to cause the former is much more advanced. But that's not the worst part."

"What" "Estrogen GX-3, or EGX-3, was eventually banned by the FDA. It turns out that it was so reactive that it tended to damage the body's normal hormone production. After only 6 to 10 months it was guaranteed to cause unpredictable breakdowns in the user's chemical balance.

"Furthermore, EGX-3 was NEVER designed to be used on a teenager. It was designed to be used on adults whose hormone balances were already set, and even then only in cases where the male's testosterone levels were unusually high. It was designed to overwhelm and destabilize the production of hormones in the male body. I can't imagine the effects of using it on someone going through puberty whose hormone production is already in a state of flux." Diana said, "After three years, it totally overwhelms the body's normal hormone production, and causes it to stop producing testosterone and produce only EGX-3. Without male hormones countering the effects of the EGX, the body becomes a lusty, Barbie-like female parody. At the age of 15, I had measurements of 36-22-36 with a DDD cup size. After a full year of intensive medical treatments they got me back down to 34-25-32, and my current C cup. Eventually I grew back to 36-24-34, but I need to take intensive weekly sessions to replace the testosterone my body should be producing with specially engineered hormones that the EGX won't destroy."

I wondered when Diana was getting these treatments. There was a point in time where I could've quoted Diana's schedule by heart. Then I realized when. "Your sessions with the coach." Diana nodded. "She's not my lover. She's a doctor who spends her time helping me be normal." I said, "But that doesn't explain why you're so nasty to people with larger bust sizes than you." Once again, Rebecca explained, "Without balancing male hormones, and with her body actually producing EGX-3, if she ever missed one of those sessions with the doctor, she'd wind up blowing up to her Barbie doll proportions in short order. Every time she saw someone like me it'd be a reminder of that." Diana said, "And I hate women who are taller than me because they remind me of my abusive sister. I'm sorry, Rebecca. I really am. But even now, I realize that if I even look at you, I'll get nasty and defensive." I realized that at no point during this conversation had Diana looked up.

"It's okay." Becca gave me a slight push towards Diana. I went and sat beside her and hugged her. Rebecca asked, "Diana, if you could go back, go back to being a boy, would you?" Diana gave a short laugh. "If you'd've asked me that five years ago, I would've said yes without a moment's hesitation. But now,... no. I have too much fun being a girl. I just wish I could be a girl, a full girl, I mean. Now, I'm stuck in this half state. A freak not of my own making." Rebecca seemed to be wrestling with something, but finally made a decision. "Diana, there's some people I know who, I'm pretty sure, will be able to help you. They should even be able to help you deal with your issues with your sister." Diana snorted. "Well, I'll give anything a try, but I'm not holding out much hope anymore." "Well, I'm pretty sure that if they say yes, they can help. The question is, are they gonna say yes." "Why wouldn't they?" I asked.

"These people are pretty hush-hush. They may want to help, but they may feel the risk is too great, and decide they can't." Diana said, "With my luck, they'll be able to help, but decide they can't. " Becca said, "I'll go make the call." "I'll go with you," I said. "No. I told you, these people are hush-hush. You stay here with Diana. I need to be alone to make this call." What was I going to say? I just nodded. Becca went into her room. I heard the door lock. A few minutes later it unlocked and she came out. "They've agreed to help."

"So what do we do now?" I asked. "We go to bed. We get some sleep. Diana will go in the morning. Diana, who do you want to sleep with?" "You'd let me sleep with one of you? After what I've done to you?" "That wasn't your fault, and you shouldn't be alone tonight." "I..." Diana looked around. "I'll sleep with Candice tonight. If she'll have me." Candice put her arm around Diana. "Of course, I'll have you."

We went to sleep, Candice and Diana in Candice's bed, Becca and I in hers. When we woke up, Diana was gone. Becca said, "I figured something like this would happen. I just called. Diana is safe." "But what happened?" I asked. "They came in the night and got her. No questions, no problems." "Who are these people?"

Becca put her arms around me. "Hun, if I could answer that question, I'd've done so last night. Please, just trust me." I did trust Becca. But these strangers... I was torn, really torn. If I started asking questions, it'd seem like I didn't trust Becca, but if I didn't, I'd never be able to rest. At that point, the phone rung. Candice answered it. "Hello? Oh, Diana! How are you? Uh huh. Uh huh. Yeah, okay, I'll get her. Jo." I took the phone. "Diana?" "Hi, Jo." "Diana, are you okay?"

"Oh, more than okay. I'm ecstatic. You can't believe what these people are capable of. I've only been working with them for about 3 hours, and already they've helped me more than you can know."

"But where are you?" "I can't tell you that. Besides you wouldn't believe me if I told you." "Are you sure you're okay?" "Ohhh, yeah." "And are you happy?" "Yeah, I am. I've found somebody. Somebody to spend the rest of my life with." "Is she a nice person?" There was a slight pause. "Uhm,... he's a very nice person." "HE? I thought you couldn't stand men?!" "I was blaming all men for the betrayal of my brother, Jo. But this guy, he's something special. Really special." "Well, I guess if you're happy." "Like I said, ecstatic. Could you put Rebecca on?" "You want to talk to Rebecca?" "Yeah. As long as I don't have to see her, I can talk to her." "Sure." I held the phone out. "Becca, she wants to talk with you."

Becca took the phone. "Hi, Diana... So what's up?... So Sarafina and her husband were as big a help as I thought they'd be?" There was a long delay . "Well that's great. I hope you're very happy together... You're welcome... Let me double-check. Put Sarafina on the phone... Yeah, Sarafina, you know what Diana wants?... And it's okay?... Okay, I'll give her the number... Okay, I'll get her. Jo, Diana wants to speak with you again."

I took the phone. "Diana?" "Yeah, hun. I just wanted to let you know something." "Yeah?" "No matter what happens, stick by Becca. She'll really be able to help you in life." Now that seemed a little cryptic. "Well, I'm glad to see you've forgiven her." "I've forgiven a lot of people. I've even forgiven my sibs. Well, I've got to go. Give Becca and Candice my love. Bye." "Bye." The phone clicked. Becca set a pad of paper with a number on it down by the phone. "This is where you can reach Diana if you want to call her." I looked at it. "This is an international number." "Uh huh. It's in South America. She's not at that number quite yet, but she will be tomorrow." I was stupefied. Candice said, "It's time for classes, girls." I went to classes that day with a lot of questions. Questions I suspect will never be answered. Questions I'm not sure I want the answer to.


Diary, the world is a whole hell of a lot weirder than I ever expected. You remember those questions I wasn't sure I wanted the answer to? I got them last month.

The night started innocently enough. Candice, Becca, and I went out the night before her birthday to celebrate her birthday. Candice had told me celebrating her birthday alone was a family thing, but the truth was a lot weirder than that. About 10 pm, Candice seemed to get ill. She placed her hand to her forehead. Not quite like she had a headache, but similar. I asked her, "Is something wrong? Do you have a headache?" She just looked at Becca and said, "Get me to the bathroom, now." Becca jumped out of her seat and rushed Candice to the bathroom. I figured that since she didn't ask Candice any questions, she knew what was going on. I just didn't realize how strange it was. I quickly followed. When I got in the bathroom, Becca was checking under the stalls to see if anyone was there. She then turned and told me, "Lock the door, Jo." I asked, "What's going on?" Desperation evident in her voice, Becca said, "Please, Jo, we don't have time for questions. Please lock the door."

She sounded so desperate that I couldn't help but do as she asked. When I turned back I was confronted with a sight that was both entrancing and horrifying. Candice was changing into... something else.

I watched her as her ears grew furry and pointed and moved to the top of her head. Her eyes became golden, and slitted, like a cat's. Already I could see a motif forming. her hands grew large and paw-like, and the fur grew up her arm. Suddenly she got a pained look on her face. She reached under her skirt and ripped off her panties. A tail popped out. Not a tail like Becca's , but a long, furry cat's tail. I watched as her legs grew furry. As the fur grew to her feet, she popped her claws and slashed off her shoes. Her feet grew large and cat-like and grew the non-retractable claws that cats have on their back feet.

I was speechless. Dozens of questions ran through my head. Unfortunately none of them stayed in place long enough for me to ask them. Candice looked at herself and said, "Row, r.h. I row arr room row mowwww. Rrreooo row. Roh, wohw!" And all I could do was babble. "What... What's going... What hap..." Becca said, "Jo, I need a favor. I need you to go out and get a credit card out of my purse, and pay for dinner. Then take my car, and head straight home." Well, I didn't want any of that. I wanted answers and told her so. "No. Not until I get some answers. What the hell just happened here?" "Please, Jo! I'll explain everything when we get home. But right now, I need to sneak Candice out of here. If anybody out there sees her, they'll ask too many questions."

"Promise me, Becca. Promise me, when we're home together, you'll let me know what's going on. You'll tell me the whole story." "I promise." I knew as soon as she said that, she'd tell me the truth. In the three months I had known her, she had never broken a promise to me. As I went out to the dining room I realized I might have some problems using Becca's credit cards. But when I grabbed the credit card, I felt a faint tingle, and when I pulled it out, it was in my name. I paid for dinner, grabbed Becca's and Candice's stuff and headed out to the car. I drove home, and ran inside as fast as I could. I figured that I would have to wait for them to get home. Imagine my surprise when I got there and they were waiting for me.

We stood there for a while until the awkward silence grew too awkward. I pointed at Candice and said, "So what happened to her?"

"Sit down, Jo. This is kind of complicated." I sat down and Becca gave me the most fantastic explanation I had ever heard. "Alongside of humanity, another branch of the human race evolved. This branch had the ability to collect and manipulate energy in strange and mystical ways. This branch can actually cause changes to the basic fabric of reality. I.E. they can cast spells. This branch of humanity eventually came to be known as witches.

"Now, witches aren't born with their ability to manipulate reality. On the birthday following a year in which they were a multiple of six, they gain their powers by undergoing a physical transformation, wherein which their body changes. Usually it's the 13th although many also occur on the 7th or 19th birthday, and a few even later.

"Now as you can probably guess, Candice is a Witch and just underwent her transformation."

The explanation was fantastic. I probably wouldn't have even considered it true if I hadn't been confronted with a Candice who had become a were-cat. "This is just... so fantastic," I said "That's not the only thing." I wondered what else there could be. "What?" Becca took her tail in hand and held it up. "She's not the only Witch here." I figured it out. "Okay. Your tail was the result of a transformation." "That's not it. You remember, before that incident in the locker room, how I was so upset at you for the tormenting Diana had you put me through?" "Yeah?"

"I wanted to teach you a lesson. Make you know what it was like to have a body part that made you feel totally self-conscious. And when I did I also wound up accidentally including an overwhelming desire to be with me."

It took me a few seconds, but I finally got it. "My dick? You did this to me?" Becca nodded. To be honest I was pissed. My love for Becca? Nothing but a spell? And an accident at that? Enraged, I asked, "But after you learned the truth, why didn't you change me back?"

"I couldn't." I was so enraged, I couldn't see straight. I was now a freak of nature because Becca didn't want to let me feel any differently about her then I did ? I stood up, grabbed my purse and said, "I've got to think about this," and stormed out of the condo.

I wandered for I don't know how long. Eventually I found myself in front of the house that Diana and her friends had rented. Not wanting to go back to the condo, at least not tonight, I went up and knocked on the door. Cheryl answered the door (she had moved in after Diana had moved out). "Jo, are you okay? You've been crying. What's wrong?" I hadn't even noticed I had been crying. "Becca and I had a fight. Can I stay here tonight?" She pulled me inside. "Of course, dear. But what happened? You two seemed so happy together."

"I don't want to talk about it right now." Despite everything I felt she had done to me, I couldn't bring myself to risk hurting Becca by telling Cheryl what I had been told. Of course, Cheryl would probably have thought me crazy if I had told her the truth. "Okay. Do you want to... "be" with someone tonight?" Cheryl was offering sex. "No thanks. I just want to curl up and go to sleep."

I lay on the couch and Cheryl covered me with a blanket. I slept fitfully that night. It took me till noon the next day to work up the nerve to go back to the condo. Becca wasn't there, but she had left a number and a note.

"Jo, I understand you're angry with me and I don't blame you. I really want to talk to you about this. The number listed above is where I can be reached. It's my Aunt's house. I won't force myself on you. I'll wait there until you call. Until then, the condo and my car are yours to use as you see fit. Please call soon. A girl who truly loves you, Rebecca"

I was... I don't know. Pissed. Saddened. Confused. Part of me wanted to rip up that note, but another part of me wanted to grab the phone, call her , and beg her to return. I finally settled on putting the pad of paper back down by the phone.

Every day I fought with the urge to tear up that piece of paper. Every day I fought with the urge to call that number. Every night I went to sleep with the secret hope that Becca would call.

For a couple weeks, this went on. Then, one day I woke up and all Becca's stuff was gone. Right before finals, too. I spent about an hour crying. Then I threw myself into my studies. I took all my finals and scored straight A's. But all I had when I was finished was a hollow feeling inside.

I spent the next week moping around. (My parents were on a retreat somewhere in South America, and I had nowhere to go for the holidays.) Then, one day, I was holding the pad of paper with Becca's number on it, and I flipped the page just before it. Right there, on the page, was the number where I could reach Diana. Thinking about it, I picked up the number and called.

"Hello?" "Um, is Diana there?" "Sure. May I ask who's calling?" "This is Jo." "Oh,... Jo. I'll get her." After a few minutes Diana picked up the phone. "Jo? Is that you? Where have you been? Why didn't you call earlier?" "Diana, you won't believe what's happened. Becca, it turns out she's a Witch, and she cast a spell on me." "Yeah." "You don't sound surprised." "Jo, haven't you figured it out?" "What?"

"Becca sent me to some Witch friends of hers. They're who helped me." I was stunned. Now that she had explained it to me, it seemed so obvious, but I had missed it entirely. "Jo, I think we need to talk in person. Can Sarafina bring you through?" "Bring me through?" "Teleport you here with a spell." "I... I don't know." "She won't do it without your permission, but there are some things I think you need to see in person." "I... Okay. I do want to see you." "Okay. Just wait a few minutes."

The phone hung up. After a few minutes, the world shimmered, grew bright, and suddenly I was in a big kitchen with wide window doors. Outside was a ranch or farm of some kind. Standing there in the center of the kitchen was an angel. I'm not speaking metaphorically here. A woman, 5'8" tall, long, flowing, golden-blonde hair, with big, fluffy, white wings in a long white robe. "Jo, I'm Sarafina."

"Where's Diana?"

"She's out in the stable." She pointed out the door. "Through those doors , take a left, head straight, you can't miss it."

"Thanks." I followed her directions out to the stable. I saw Diana through a window. At first I thought she was standing on a box, or that the floor of the stable was raised above the ground outside. Then she came outside. From the waist up, she was Diana. A naked as a jaybird Diana, but still Diana. But from the waist down, she was a horse! Diana had become a centaur!

Diana walked up to me. She walked up to me, extended her arm and said, "Come on, let me give you a ride."

I was stunned. All I could do was take her arm. In one swift motion she pulled me up onto her back. I held on for dear life as she took off across the countryside. She stopped in this beautiful field, helped me down, and got a basket out from behind a rock. Inside the basket was a collection of sandwiches, fruit, juices, and other picnic stuff. She spread the blanket (a classic red and white checkered pattern) and started laying out the food .

"I hear you and Becca are having problems."

I took a sandwich and started nibbling on it. "It's just... She's a Witch."

"I knew that."

"Did you know she did this to me?" I lifted my skirt. Diana stared at it for a few seconds. "I knew she had changed your body. I just didn't know how." "You could've called. You could've told me." "Told you what? That your girlfriend was a Witch? You'd've just thought I was being spiteful again. Besides, why all the drama, so you've got a dick ? Look at me, Jo. Compared to this, a dick is no biggie." "Yeah, but your transformation was willing. I just woke up one day and I was like this. It's just... I'm not sure I can trust Rebecca any more." "Believe me, I know how that feels." "You, but you did..." I waved my hands at her lower body, "that. Are you saying that you don't trust the people who did this to you?" "I trust them with my life. But it wasn't always that way." "I don't get it."

"Jo, from the moment I hit puberty, I was abused and beaten. For three years after that I was tortured and used like a slave. Then for 6 years after that I was unable to even get close to a boy. Then I come here, and 3 hours later, I'm in love with a centaur, and actually offering to change myself into a centaur myself so we can be together. Now if that didn't seem to be a formula for having a magical attitude adjustment, I don't know what is."

"But you did it."

"Not right then. Sarafina refused to allow it. She told me that if I was still in love and still wanted to undergo the transformation in a month, she'd do it then. I thought she was nuts. Not still be in love? I thought we'd be together forever.

"Then, over the next month, I was assailed by countless doubts and worries.

Had I had a spell cast on me? Was my love just a sham? Was I nothing more than a puppet on magical strings? "Even up to the moment when Sarafina asked me if I wanted to undergo the transformation, I still wasn't sure." "So what changed your mind?" "I looked in here." She tapped her chest. "Jo, when you love someone, you've got to make a decision to trust them when sense tells you to doubt." "But how can you trust any Witches?" "Watch it, kiddo. You may be talking about my future offspring." "Offspring?! As in baby?" "Uh-huh." She patted her flanks. "First bun's in the oven as we speak. Isn't magic wonderful. It made me into a full woman, Jo." "But why didn't Becca change me back?" "She couldn't." "Because she was afraid of losing me. Yeah I know." "No, hun. She tried." "What?"

"She tried and failed. You remember just before you moved in with her, she missed a couple days of school, and when you went to see her, she was in really bad shape?" I nodded. "She tried to cast a counter-spell to remove the first spell and it backfired. Apparently you're descended from human mages, and when you felt the original spell being tampered with and lashed out, disrupting her spell."

"You mean, I'm like this because I wanted it that way?" "I'm not sure if it's quite that simple." I tried to think about it, but my mind was going a million miles an hour. "Can you take me back. I need some alone time to think." "Sure, Jo." She helped me onto her back. We went back in silence (this time at a slower speed). I went in to where Sarafina was. "Can you send me home?" "Which home?" "What do you mean?"

"You know you'll always have a home with Becca. But I don't want to press. Do you want to go back to the condo, or go see Becca?"

I thought about it for a while. Part of me really wanted to talk to Becca, but there was still too much doubt in my mind. I had her send me back to the condo. After I got there I spent a little while staring at the pad with Becca's number on it. Realizing I was doing way too much of that lately, I stuffed the pad of paper in my purse and went for a walk. Of course, it did have to be raining, but that didn't seem to matter to me.

I walked for I don't know how long, until I came to a stop in front of a shop that sold wedding stuff. As I stood there staring at the life-sized mannequins dressed in wedding dress and tuxedo, I saw Becca and me together. Me in the tuxedo, her in the wedding dress, and, for the first time, in a long time I laughed. With me at 5'2" and Becca at 6'2" the image was kind of silly. And then I realized it. This was what I wanted. No matter what Becca had or had not done to me, the prospect of spending the rest of my life without her was just too much to bear.

I saw a pay phone nearby. I yanked the pad of paper out of my purse and dialed the number.

The voice on the other end answered, "Hello?" "Yeah, is Becca there?" "She's a little busy right now. Can I take a message?" "Is there any way I can talk to her? This is Jo." "Jo? The Jo? Wait here!" I heard some commotion on the other end, and soon I heard Becca's voice. "Hello?" "Becca, it's Jo." "Jo? Is it... Is it really you?" "Becca, I want to talk with you. Face to face. Can you... bring me through? " "Yeah. Yeah, of course. Are you at the condo?" "No. I'm at a pay phone. I'm not sure exactly where." "Okay. It'll take a little longer. Just don't go anywhere."

I stood there for about a minute before the shimmer occurred and I was elsewhere. I was in a rather large expansive room, richly furnished, with Becca standing right in front of me. She stood there, not moving, just staring. It looked like she was afraid to move or even say anything, so I made the first move. I ran forward, wrapped my arms around her and hugged her tight. We broke down in tears, cuddling and crying together.

Eventually, we stopped crying. Rebecca looked at me for a while, and said, "You're all wet."

"It was raining back home."

She seemed to be at a loss for words. "Did you... Do you... forgive me?"

I took her face in my hands, and pulled it down to mine. Then I gave her a mouth probing French kiss the likes of which you normally only hear about in cheesy romance novels (God, I forgot how much I love the taste of the inside of her mouth). "I forgive you."

We broke down in tears again and spent a while just hugging and renewing our love. After we finished, I looked up at her. "So, are there any other secrets you want to tell me?"

She got a slightly guilty look on her face. "Well, there is one thing. But, I want you to know, I didn't know about this the last time we were together, and I didn't want you to think that I was trying to manipulate you into coming back after I found out."

"Okay, what?" Becca seemed hesitant to tell me. "Becca, whatever it is, I want you to know that I want to spend the rest of my life with you, and nothing will change that."

"Well... It seems... I'm pregnant. And since you're the only one that's cum inside me for the last 6 months that makes you the... father."

I just stared at Becca for a few seconds before I wound up handling it like I expect many men have handled that news in the past. I fainted.

When I woke up, Becca was staring at me, a concerned look on her face. There were a bunch of people around us. I sat up. "You okay, Jo?"

"You're... pregnant? With my baby?"

Becca nodded. All I could do was just lay against her bosom. After a bit, I sat back up. "So are you going to introduce me to your family?"

"Going left to right, the tall lady with the big tits is my Aunt Sophia." A 6' tall looker with EE tits. "Next is Robert, my sister's fianc´┐Ż." A tall, muscular man with an infectious smile. Cute enough, I suppose, if you go in for guys. "Next is my sister Mary," a very pretty thing 5'4" and with big tits; comparing them, I'd have to say that she and Rebecca had the same cup size, but since she was only 5'4" they seemed much bigger on her, "and her lover Susan." A cute but (compared to everyone else here) rather normal looking young lady. "Later I'll introduce you to Richard, Aunt Sophia' s hubby, later on. He's up in the nursery taking care of his and Susan's kids."

"Bringing up the subject of husband and wife. Rebecca, would you marry me? I know that the law doesn't recognize same sex marriage, but I'd still like to go through the marriage ceremony with you."

Rebecca was speechless. Her Aunt Sophia spoke up. "Human law may not recognize same sex marriage, but Witchly law does. If you two would like, we can get Sarafina to perform the ceremony. She is empowered to do so."

Rebecca was hopeful and seemed about to ask me something but I beat her to the punch. "I would love that. Rebecca, can we? Can we get married?"

"Yes, yes!" She wrapped her arms around me and we hugged and kissed.

That was only an hour ago, and already plans are in full force. I sent a message telling my mom and dad to get a hold of me as soon as possible. I have no intention on waiting. I'm just worried about how they're going to react, particularly if they manage to make the wedding. We're planning on getting married at Sarafina's and everybody's going to be there. Diana, her husband, Sarafina and her husband, all of Rebecca's family, Candice's, and, of course, Rebecca and me. And, according to the ceremony rules, we're all supposed to be naked, and untransformed by magic. Well that should be an interesting discussion.

Rebecca has promised to find a way to get rid of my dick, but that's no longer a big deal to me. With or without a dick, Rebecca and I are going to spend the rest of our lives together.

I couldn't be happier