Leather 5

Mistress D arrived back at her dungeon and freed all of her slaves

so they could return to their normal routines. Some of the slaves were

totally exhausted from the positions they had been placed in and left

for the weekend. Some had major cramps that after moving around

finally went away. And others needed long hot showers to wash all the

dried-on cum and debris from their bodies. All the slaves were happy

to be freed and indicated that despite their prolonged sessions, they

felt totally satisfied. Mistress D was pleased at the remarks, and

told the slaves how pleased she was to own each of them. She was

reluctant to say what she had to say next, but she ordered all her

slaves that didn't live in the dungeon that they should not come for a

session next weekend, as she would be doing business with a new client.

She didn't tell them that she was the new slave of Mistress B and was

ordered to be at the other dungeon next weekend.

The week passed by very rapidly as Mistress D dreamed of her role

reversal with Mistress B as her slave. Her days at her regular 9 to 5

job seemed to fly by and the night sessions with her live in slaves

just couldn't get the thoughts of her upcoming fantasy to fade away.

She had put many slaves in her "divers" tank, created many a horse, and

played so much "Wheel of Fortune", that she was ready to experience

something different that she might be able to take back to her own

slaves to keep things interesting.

Then finally the day arrived that she would be transformed into a

slave for another mistress. It was Friday. A letter had arrived in

the mail on Thursday explaining what she was to do to be ready for the

arrival of Mistress B. She was to make the slaves believe that she was

going away for some official business. Mistress D put all her slaves

into her cage and left them some dildos, vibrators, and ropes to play

with. She told them that she would be gone until Sunday night and that

they could do what ever they wanted to whoever they wanted inside the

cage. She tied up one female slave in the horse costume and left her

inside the cage saying the horse must remain a horse all weekend, they

could not remove the hooves and tail, and it could be fucked, sucked,

and made to suck anyone, by anyone at anytime.

The second step in the letter said that she was to open the garage

door and make room for a van that Mistress B was going to use to

transport her to her secret dungeon for her new slaves first lesson.

The garage was connected to the house so that made it easy to clean it

up quickly. Mistress D had a large two car garage with two luxury cars

waiting to serve her. She opened the garage door and parked one of the

cars just outside and behind the other to make room for the van that

would be arriving soon. She left the garage door open and went back

into the house.

Next the letter told her that she was to strip down and clean

herself totally. She was to shower after she had shaven all the hair

from her pussy, her asshole, and anywhere else she had hair from the

neck down. She got out the shaving cream and razor and began to strip

in the bathroom to complete the work. She shaved her underarms, pussy

hair, and laid down on the floor and got the hair around her delicate

asshole. When she got up to survey her work she was pleased to see her

own pussy glisten from the baby oil she had applied. It looked

wonderful. She turned around and pulled her ass cheeks apart to check

how well she did on her behind. She had gotten every last hair and had

also applied oil there as well. She watched her asshole call to her as

she clenched her muscles and watched it open and close to her delight.

She took a shower, dried herself off, and was ready for the arrival of

Mistress B.

Mistress B had been real specific in the next part of the letter.

She said she would drive the van into the garage and close the door and

enter the house through the connecting door. Mistress D, now Slave D,

was to be naked and waiting on her knees just inside the door with her

legs spread as far apart as possible to reveal her shaven pussy. Slave

D waited in the ordered position until seven o'clock when she heard

Mistress B pull into the garage and close the door.

Mistress B entered the house wearing regular blue jeans and a very

low cut tight sweater that made it appear her breasts were about to fly

out. She said that Slave D was not to say anything at all and told her

to follow into the garage. Slave D stood up and was immediately

slapped hard across the face.

"Did I say you could stand up. You are to crawl behind me into

the garage like the slave you are!", was all Slave D heard, although

not loud enough that her own slaves downstairs could hear. Slave D

went to her hands and knees and crawled behind Mistress B into the

garage. Mistress B asked where Slave D's keys were for the house so

she could return her new slave late sunday night in the same way she

left. Slave D responded by waiting for the command to speak and then

told her new mistress the keys were in her unneeded purse on the

dining room table. Mistress B got the keys and then from inside the

garage locked the door to the house and got the garage door opener from

inside the slaves car. Putting all this in her van, Mistress B ordered

her slave to go to the back of the van and open the doors. Slave D did

as she was told and saw a slave transportation box inside the van that

was beautifully constructed. She felt her pussy juices flowing at the

thought of what would happen next.

The slave box was constructed so the top of the box just reached

the windows in the back, and the top two panels were hinged at the

sides along the wall and totally closed off the occupant from the

outside world. The box had two layers of wood and an insulating layer

in between. In the four corners of the box were chains that were

bolted near the top and hung down to the bottom. On the bottom of the

box was a two inch layer of a sponge-like material. Mistress B told

her new slave to stand behind the van with her head bowed. Slave D did

as she was told as her new mistress reached into the box and pulled out

a leather chastity belt complete with inflatable butt plug and electric

dildo. Mistress B attached the belt around the waist of her new

play-toy. The plugs dangled in anticipation of their new home.

Mistress B told Slave D to stand with her legs spread as wide as she

could to make the plug go in easier. Mistress B reached into the van

and brought a jar of K-Y jelly and lubricated the rear hole of her new

property. The butt plug went in easy as the groans from the the slave

grew in animal savagery. The dildo went in easily because of the juices

flowing from the now super-horney new slave and was put firmly in place

as mistress B secured the belt to its new wearer.

Mistress B secured four binders on to the arms and legs of slave

D. She then ordered slave D into the van and to lay face down in the

box. Mistress B secured the leg and arm cuffs to the box so that the

body of slave D was suspended inside the box not touching any of the

six sides in any way. Not even stretching could the new occupant of

the box touch anything, she was totally immobilized. Mistress B took

some special cords that were embedded in the dildo and plug and

connected them to a panel on the inside of the box. She also took a

gag and secured it to the slave, followed by a trainer bit that would

secure her head so that no harm could come to her in the box while on

the trip. Mistress B closed the top of the box watching slave D as she

struggled against the bonds that held her and the fire that was

developing in her loins with the dildo and plug. Mistress B secured

the locks on the outside of the slave box and hid the keys under the

front dash board.

Before opening the garage door, Mistress B check all the hardware

in the van. She activated a three switch control box under the dash.

The three switches were labeled power (which now glowed red), and two

other switches labeled front and back. She checked the piece of vent

pipe that led to a hole in the slave box and made sure the valve was

closed. Mistress B started the van and opened the garage door and

began the five hour journey to a bondage hotel she co-owned with other

Masters and Mistresses.

Slave D felt the van begin moving as her body began to bounce.

She wondered how long she would be in this position and if her body

could hold out. She was not sure why the box had the thick sponge on

the bottom, but she was about to find out. Suddenly after what felt

like an eternity inside of the box, it became incredibly warm.

Mistress B had opened the valve of the custom vent pipe and pumped the

heater air straight from the engine into the slave box. Slave D felt

her body begin to perspire and felt the beads of water role down her

glistening skin and fall onto the sponge. To complicate matters, she

began to feel a vibrating sensation in her pussy and asshole as

Mistress B activated the two remaining switches on the special box.

Orgasm after orgasm erupted from the body of the tied woman as the heat

poured in and the vibrators "went" on. Finally the heat stopped, but

the vibrating continued. Then the heat came back and the vibrating

stopped. The random cycle continued all through the entire five hour

trip. The boxes occupant was loosing water rapidly, as she was cooked

then went, cooked and went.

Finally after a glorious five hours of orgasms, slave D felt the

van come to a permanent halt and the doors open. She was grateful for

the rush of cool air on her still hot, horney, and glistening flesh.

She was blindfolded to help her eyes adjust, and then released from the

slave box only to be tied securely into a wheelchair, while still

wearing the chastity belt. Her breasts were fondled and her pussy

stroked until she orgasm on last time. After the orgasm she heard

someone say that she just experienced her last orgasm for the entire

weekend until she is returned home. If she experienced another orgasm

she would be severely punished.

This bondage hotel was a converted old school right in the middle

of a gigantic field that encompassed roughly one thousand acres of

land. The nearest house or farm was ten miles away through vast dense

forests. The forests were laden with paths to get through, however

the paths were booby trapped heavily to stop people from getting away

from the hotel, and also to stop people from getting in. Each trap was

electronically monitored, so if it went off whoever was caught in the

trap could be either recaptured or warned to stay away. The hotel

itself was very big because it had been a school for "hard to handle"

children. There were about four hundred rooms in all and a gymnasium

and olympic size swimming pool. Each room had been turned into a

different style of bondage studio. There were more than one of each

type because of the vast number of rooms, but there was always a room

available for whatever type of bondage you needed to inflict on someone

else. There were suspension rooms, rack rooms, leather and rubber

garment rooms, and rope and chain rooms just to name a few.

Slave D heard mistress B tell someone that this slave was to

experience the ultimate in what they had to offer. She wanted slave D

to first experience the "Mermaid Project". Slave D felt a short stab

of pain as a needle penetrated her ass cheek from the bottom of the

chair as the chair was pushed off in a forward direction. The last

thing she remembered hearing was how she would look good in green before

she passed out. When she came to she found she was laying on a cold

surface still blindfolded and gagged. She thought she heard the sounds

of splashing noises. She moved the gag around in her mouth to see if

there was any way to remove it. The gag did not feel like a normal gag

though. She tried moving her limbs and found her arms tightly at her

sides and both legs could move only at the same time because they were

tightly held together as well. Then someone reached down and removed

the blindfold. It was mistress B. She said that she was right about

her new slave looking good in green. The gestured over to a floor

mirror so slave D could see what had happened to her. Slave D looked

in the mirror and saw that she had been encased in a green mermaid

outfit. The costume was a super skin-tight one piece rubber mummy suit

that was tapered to be thinner near the feet of the victim. Starting

from the knees down was a stunningly large multi-colored tail that she

tried to flex to see all of it. She found it difficult because of

being out of the water. There were only three holes in the costume.

Her eyes nose and mouth were in one hole, and both of her lovely

breasts were sticking out of the other two. To make her look real,

both of her tits had been painted green. Mistress B said that the

paint would not come off in the water to ruin the illusion. Before

putting her slave in the water, Mistress B told her that it is not as

easy to swim around wearing the costume as one might think, so she

warned to take as deep a breath as one could if she reached the surface.

At that, mistress B rolled slave D into the pool with a mighty splash.

Slave D was frightened at first when she hit the water, but she began

to get used to the costume and swam around very well. She loved the

feel of the rubber against her body as she dived to the bottom and swam

all around the pool. She later realized the the gag was really a

diver's snorkel. While swimming around she saw other mermaids in other

brightly colored costumes just like hers. There were pink, yellow,

blue, and gray mermaids. She also swam past clear glass treasure

chests at the bottom of the pool the with air hoses leading to them

from on the surface of the water. Inside some of the chests were

bound slaves screaming for release through ball gags they wore. Some of

the slaves were sleeping, so slave D thought they must have been there

for a long time. There were some chests with males, but most were

female. The slaves were bound up in tight balls to fit into the small

chests. Slave D was glad to be a mermaid after swimming up close to

the chests and trying to comfort the slaves inside. Swimming to the

ass end of the slaves in the chests she saw that all the males had

giant dildos (about three inches wide) jammed to the hilt inside there

assholes. Their cocks were shaved clean and encased in cock harnesses.

The females had large butt plugs up their asses with the three inch

wide dildos buried deep in their shaven pussies.

At the deepest end of the pool (twenty feet deep), slave D came

upon some slaves wearing old style divers helmets and boots. The

slaves were naked except for the gear they were bound in. The large

helmets gave the slaves head the ability to look around, but that was

the only movement they could have. The bodies of the divers were

wrapped in chains so they were in as much the same position as slave D

except for the divers boots. Connected at the top of the helmet was a

chain that suspended the divers all at uniform depths and had an air

hose similar to the ones for the treasure chests. The weight of the

divers shoes held each slave in a straight up and down position.

Slave D was allowed to swim for about an hour when suddenly a

giant net was lowered in and dragged her out of the pool. She was a

fish after all. Slave D felt the sting of the needle again. This time

in her left tit as she slowly lost consciousness and blacked-out.

When she awoke she found herself tied to a vertical X-frame on a

moving track. She was wearing a gag, but she was wearing a pair of

painters goggles and not a blindfold. She tilted her head from side to

side and found that other women were in the same position as she was.

She noticed that the track seemed to be winding into a brightly lit

area. When she arrived to the lighted area, she found some masters and

mistresses shooting colored water pellet guns at her and the other

slaves. They were laughing as they shot at their bound prizes, and

keeping score for all the hits. They scored 25 for tits, 50 for

pussies, 50 for limp cocks, and 100 for erect ones. Slave D had become

a target in a large shooting gallery. She saw some other slaves tied

to almost horizontal X-frames, and the shooters were aiming for the

pussies and cocks of the targets. When one slave would get hit wow was

lying horizontal, the x-frame would roll over to reveal another slave

of the opposite sex. Some slaves were also bound so their assholes

were perfect targets, and those holes were getting shot at also. Slave

D heard then felt three fast shots as two of the shots hit each breast

and one hit her shaven pussy. That one stung most of all. She heard

Mistress B say, "Chalk me up for 100, slut!!" Slave D looked at the

scoreboard and saw that Mistress B was in the lead now. By the time

she was off the course (which took about five minutes) her body was a

rainbow of colors around each tit and around her pussy. She wondered

if it would ever come off. Suddenly two large sponge rollers sprang

out from nowhere and her body was cleaned of all the filth. Five

minutes later she had traveled the track and was being shot at again.

This continued for about an hour. Slave D was getting real hungry.

Then the track stopped, she was released, encased in wrist cuffs, ankle

cuffs, and dog collar before being lead away.

She was lead to the lunch room. She was taken into the kitchen

and made to lay down on a table with wheels. Her hands were tied

together over her head,and her feet were bound to opposite two

corner leaving her pussy open for anything. There were several other

tables, and each table had a slave bound on top just as she was. Again

some had males and the majority were females. The table had an edge on

it so nothing could roll off the sides. The cook took a large pipe gag

that extended about a foot in the air and put it on Slave D. Then the

cook began pouring a hot substance like sloppy joe mix onto slave D.

Slave D was to be the desert after the meal. She tried to struggle,

but the bonds were to tight. Soon she was buried under the two inch

thick mix. She could feel the cart moving, then stop. Suddenly she

felt the cart move wildly as slave began to eat the mix off of her

body. They made short work of it, and got it all off in about ten

minutes. Then the slaves began to suck on her tits, and tongue her

pussy. This turned her on more than she ever imagined. She was just

about to come when she felt the sting of a cat o' nine tails across her

belly and the sucking and pussy eating stop. She heard someone

reminding her about the warning she received after they had let her

orgasm when she first arrived. She became frightened and held her body

motionless. Since dinner was dome, a female slave came and pushed

Slave D away to clean her up. Slave D was cleaned up and taken to the

sleeping room.

Before entering the sleeping room, slave D was blindfolded. When

she was taken in, she was told to stand up straight with her feet

together. Someone then bound her feet together with rope, and began to

coil the rope up her body. When the rope got high enough, her hands

were brought to her sides and the coiling continued till it stopped

when the rope got up to her breasts. The blindfold was removed and

slave D could see herself in a mirror in front of her. She looked as

though she had been placed inside a caccoon. She could not move a

muscle. Two male slaves lowered her to the ground and then picked her

up and carried her into an adjoining room. Slave D saw that everyone

else in the room was tied just as she was. All the females up to the

breasts, and all the males to the shoulders. The males, however, were

tied in such a way that there cocks and ball sacks were outside the

ropes. The light was very dim in the room. The two male slaves

carefully set down slave D between two bound males and left. Slave D

was so tired that she fell asleep right away.

Slave D awoke with a start as she was moved into a open area to be

picked up. Two different muscular male slaves picked her up and

carried her back to the room were she had been encased in the coiling

rope. They removed the rope, revealing her once again naked body with

just noticeable rope marks. She was glad they didn't show very much.

The two men blindfolded her again before leading her out of the room.

Her escort on her left said, "You get to attend class today. You are

gonna love it!"

They seemed to have been walking for quite some time, thought

slave D, until finally they stopped again, opened another door and

escorted her into the room. There the blindfold was removed to reveal

a classroom type setting with specially constructed chairs for the

students. They were in two colors; blue for males, and pink for

females. The chairs for the females were designed with a large hard

rubber dildo mounted onto the chair. There was also a hole in the

chair in case asshole play was desired. The chairs for the males was

designed with an inflatable butt plug and a device like miniature

stocks to pull the cock and balls through and hold them very securely.

The two men took slave D over to a pink chair in the front of the

classroom in a small lighted cubbyhole. A sign just above the doorway

read, "Newest Slut". She noticed the digital clock on the wall

indicated 6:30 A.M. She could see out the windo that the sun was just

coming up. The two men told her to sit down on the dildo. She did as

she was told, because these men looked as though they meant business.

Surprisingly, she slid down onto the dildo easily, even though it was

stretching her pussy muscles to the limit. She could feel her juices

flowing very easily onto the giant intruder now buried deep within her

sex. Her hands were then cuffed in front of her body. One of the men

reached around behind her onto a ledge she hadn't seen and picked up an

inflatable balloon which he started to coat with petroleum jelly.

Slave D started to protest, but her words fell on ears that didn't

care. The other man reached back and grabbed a rubber full head hood

with dildo gag similar to the one Slave D had used on one of her

slaves, however this one was not the blow up style. Before putting the

hood on the seated slave, he took some heavy-duty ear plugs and placed

them into the ears of the girl. When the hood would be in place, she

would not be able to see or hear anything. The man with the hood told

the other man to hold off for a second, which he did and stepped back

to give the man with the hood some room. He stretched the hood open

and started placing it on the head of slave D. When he got the hood

down far enough, he removed the gag, and replaced it with the penis gag

of the helmet and completed the job. Now slave D's head was totally

encased in rubber, and silenced by the penis gag. She could breath

through a hole in the gag, but no speech, just sounds of moaning toward

sexual extasy. Next, the two men put on single arm and ankle binders

to her arms and legs. When they completed that, they took off the

cuffs and clamped her right arm cuff to her right ankle cuff, and

likewise with the left. This caused all her weight to be on the

intruder in her body that was sending her to another giant orgasm. She

knew she had better not, but she couldn't help herself. She fought

with the urge all day long. To make matters worse, since she could no

longer see or hear anything, she began to panic. She tried to release

her bonds but there was no way. Suddenly she felt a cold hand probing

around her asshole. It seemed to be spreading something around.

Suddenly she remembered as she felt the collapsed rubber balloon being

pushed into her dark cavern. She tried in vain to get away, but again

there was no use. As if it weren't enough that it was there, she could

feel it growing in size as she imagined the man pumping the balloon to

a horribly large size. She knew they would stop shortly, but it felt

as though they kept going and were going to pop open her insides. She

squirmed against the bonds until she felt no more pressure filling the

invading balloon. There was a hard tug on the cord to make sure the

balloon was right on the other side of the muscles, then nothing. No

more touching, no nothing. Until she felt a sudden heat against her

body. The two men had left her alone in the cubicle, and turned on the

spot lights. Sixteen lights in all, four on four strips in each corner

of the little room. These lights were no more than three feet from her

body. They got hot real fast. The lights seemed to go on and off over

and over again. She couldn't be sure. All day long she sat in the

chair as class after class of slaves were brought through and taught

how to serve their Masters and Mistress' better. Finally she was

released from the chair, and looked at the clock. It read 5:30 P.M.

She had been on the chair for almost twelve hours. Her muscles gave

out and she collapsed to the floor and fainted from exhaustion.

She awoke to find herself in a yellow mermaid costume and Mistress

B standing over her again. Just like before, her tits had been painted

to match the costume and now were bright canary yellow. Mistress B

said, "I am very proud of you, and to show you how proud I am, I'm

going to let you swim for a little while since you seemed to enjoy it

last time." Pushing slave D into the water, Mistress B watched as her

new toy swam with the greatest of ease in the tight suit. She marveled

at how easily slave D swam around, and was awed, because she had never

seen anyone do that well before. Mistress B knew she was getting

turned on by the yellow mermaid she had just created. As she left, she

told the lifeguard slave that the yellow mermaid was to be taken to her

private room in thirty minutes time, and if the mermaid wasn't there in

full costume, he would be placed inside a treasure chest at the bottom

of the pool for an hour.

After the thirty minutes was up, Mistress B went into her private

dungeon room only to find that her mermaid had been delivered as

ordered. Damn, she thought, I was looking forward to punishing that

hunk. She turned her attention back to slave D who was doing a good

job at acting like a fish out of water flopping around on the cold,

hard floor. Mistress B began undoing the zippers and buckles that held

slave D captive. She told slave D that when she was free of the suit,

she was to eat her new mistress until she came five times! When slave

D was free she obediently crawled over to Mistress B's throne and

began to lick the cunt of her owner. Mistress B came the five times

faster than she thought she would, and told slave D that it was her

turn. She ordered slave D onto her throne, with her legs in the air,

and gave slave D the surprise of her life. Mistress B dropped her

panties down to reveal a giant erect cock that was seven inches long.

Slave D was so stunned by what she saw that the next thing she knew

Mistress B had her huge cock buried to the hilt inside her now

stretched out vagina. For two hours they had sex in every possible

position each of them could think of, on all the different bondage

furniture in the room; stocks, the rack, and saw horses, just to name a


After the session, slave D was allowed to sit in the front of the

van as she was taken home. She was allowed to were a tank top, however

she was naked from the waist down. Mistress B had allowed her slave to

see other rooms in the bondage hotel before their departure, which

mistress B said her slave would experience next time.

Some things that Slave D had seen were live chandeliers. These

were people suspended from the ceiling who had lights on their bodies

to light the room. She also saw a gymnasium with a live chessboard.

Each piece was a slave bound in a costume that represented a

chess piece. Another room held what could be called a bondage gear

department store with slaves as manikins bound in samples of articles

on platforms so they could not move. And many other sights she could

never have imagined.

Slave D was once again Mistress D as they arrived back at her

house and parked in the garage. Mistress D thanked Mistress B for the

weekend of new experiences and went inside as Mistress B backed out of

the driveway and drove away. Mistress D contemplated the new and

exciting ideas for her slaves in her dungeon next weekend and couldn't

wait for Friday Night to come.

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