leather 4

Upon her arrival to the other dungeon, she was greeted by Mistress

B and was given a tour of the facilities. She noticed that this

dungeon was much larger and better equip than her own. Mistress B

went over to the bar and offered her a drink. She accepted and asked

for a Bloody Mary. They both walked over to a couch and sat down for a

chat. Soon she felt tired, and asked where the ladies room was so she

could freshen up a bit. She fainted even before she could get up off

the couch and spilled her drin all over her dress.

When she began to wake up, she noticed that she could not move any

of her arms or legs. She looked around and noticed she had been

stripped of all her clothes and had been locked into a stretcher's

rack. She tried to cry out, but she couldn't because of a gag that had

been inserted into her mouth. She tried in vain to get free until

Mistress B entered the room.

"You poor dear", she said. "you spilled your drink all over your

clothes so I thought I'd wash them all for you. Don't worry, my

washing machine is very fast and will have your clothes done in about

four hours. We can have some fun until they're dried in my drier."

Mistress B then produced a feather from her pocket and began to

massage the bound mistress' body. The stretched mistress laughed as

the feather tickled her in places she never thought she was ticklish.

As Mistress B was working on her newly bound acquisition, she had one

of her female slaves begin to stretch the rack's new occupant very

slowly. The bound mistress began to scream in between her boughs of

laughter as she was slowly stretched to the brink of tearing apart.

She could not believe that her body was truly enjoying her situation.

Mistress B took a blindfold from another pocket and put it on the bound

woman. When Mistress B was satisfied that she could no longer see, she

went to a table and brought back a large dildo that she began to

lubricate using the tied mistress' cunt juices. The bound lady could

feel something at her pussy and began to stretch to reach for it. She

didn't need to, as when Mistress B felt it was wet enough she shoved it

into Mistress D's pussy very hard and in as far as it could go. This

caused her to orgasm at least five times before her body relaxed from

the strain and she fainted again.

She awoke only to find herself part of an ancient device known as

the stocks. She was still wearing the blindfold and ball gag, and her

body was in such a position that she was bent ninety degrees at the

waist, and her feet were spread and locked in at four feet apart. Her

breasts had been pierced and were now supporting weights hanging

loosely from each one. She heard Mistress B enter, but did not know

she was carrying a very long and heavy whip. Mistress B began to

strike her guest in different parts of her body with different

intensity. Mistress B took special care that most of the hits were on

the tits, pussy, and ass cheeks of the now willing partner. Mistress B

stopped the whipping after hearing laud cries from the tied mistress,

and went over to another door than the one from which she entered. A

male slave who had been tied and left in the closet was brought into

the room, and attached in such a way that he was facing the head of the

bound mistress. Mistress B took the gag out of the girls mouth and

told the male slave to replace it with his cock. After he did as he

was told, the head of the bound mistress was encased in a trainer and

her head was tied so that the now seven inch rock hard male cock could

not be removed from her mouth. The male slave's arms were encased in a

leather arm binder behind his back so he could not touch anything or

get loose from his ordeal, and his feet were anchored to the stocks so

he could not move and relied on the trainer the tied lady was wearing

for balance.

"You will suck on the cock in your mouth until I release you. If

you succeed in making him cum you will swallow every drop. Any

spillage and you will remain her longer than you ever thought

possible", was the only words the transformed mistress to slave heard

before her ears were plugged. He male slaves body was very unstable,

and swung in and out against the trainer holding him in place. The

bound captive could feel the member in her mouth begin to pulsate and

began to deliver a load of cum into her mouth. She swallowed

frantically to try and not let any of the liquid escape. She succeed

for the first three times that the slave lost a load, but on the fourth

time, some managed to fall.

The mistress had just sat off to one side and watched the two in their

unique position. When some of the "drink" hit the floor, Mistress B's

temper hit the ceiling. She unhooked the male slave from the trainer

and put him back in the closet. She then took a spankers paddle and

gave the bound mistress the reddest ass cheeks she had ever given to any

of her play toys. After Mistress B completed the spanking, she released

the girl, and bound her in a corner of the room. The new slave was

bound with her wrists to her ankles so that her ass pointed to the

ceiling. Mistress B took a large ass spreader, inserted it in the

newly positioned asshole, clamped it so that the hole was open nearly

two inches across, and left her there to think about what she had done.

When mistress B returned, she was carrying about a dozen large metal

tipped darts. She stood at a position that was about ten feet away and

began pitching the darts at the bright red target's center. The first

few darts hit far away from center near the outer inches of the cheeks,

then they got closer to the hole. The tied girl tried squirming, but

was to weak to move any great distance. Mistress B had four left and

felt it was time to stop fooling around. All four of the darts went

right into the stretched opening, causing the girl to try even harder

to get free. Mistress B went over to the bound girl, and removed the

ass spreader very slowly without taking out the darts that had gone in.

This is where she had the most fun playing darts. She began to insert

her hand,finger by finger into the closed dart case to retrieve one

dart at a time then inserting her hand again until all four darts were

removed. Mistress B reinserted the ass spreader for another round of

darts. This time she got in eight of the twelve and repeated the

removal process. The bound girl could not stand the pain of the second

removal and again fainted.

She awoke laying on the floor in a room so bright that she tried

to cover her eyes with her hands, but she noticed her hands had been

encased in a straight iron spreader that also had a hole for her neck

and secured by a key lock she felt banging against her collar bone.

She looked over to see she was still naked and her feet were locked by

heavy chains to opposite corners of the room so she could not close

her legs. She examine the rest of her body to see if any scares

remained from the rack and stocks. She didn't see anything until she

looked down at her pussy where she noticed that her pubic hair was gone

and had been replaced by two golden inch diameter rings locked together

by a mini padlock and connected to the ceiling by a very light weight

chain just taught enough that if she moved, she felt it tug on her

newly pierced lips. She tried to say something only to be muffled by

a ball gag. A leather mask laced up the front of her face from chin to

just above the eye brows. It buckled behind her head and covered her

ears which made it hard to hear any noise in or out of the room.

Just then she saw Mistress B through a window in her room and saw

her begin to turn a crank on the wall. She could feel her body being

dragged toward one of the other corners in the room that had a large

dildo mounted on the floor at a 90 degree angle just high enough to

enter her sex. Ever so slowly her body inched its way toward the

threat until it touched the now tender opening of her livelihood.

Mistress B turned the crank slower until she saw that the dildo had

made penetration, then she wildly turned the crank as the bound girl

tried in vain to free herself but became impelled on the lifeless

entity now totally disappeared into the pussy of the new dungeon

plaything. The chains continued to pull her onto the dildo until they

wrapped around and her feet now touched each other. Automatically her

feet were locked onto the bar that held the dildo and the dildo began

to vibrate rapidly. The bound girl looked at Mistress B pleading for

release, only to see her turn another crank on the wall. The bar the

dildo was mounted on began rising out of the floor suspending the girl

in a horizontal position. When the dildo part of the bar reached to

about four feet off the floor, a panel underneath the girl slid open to

reveal a set of over twenty spotlight bulbs that each produced 500

watts. The lights turned on one at a time and began to roast the

suspended "victim". The bound girl suddenly began to feel her body

rotating as though she were being roasted over an open fire. Finally

all the lights were on causing her body to sweat great amounts of water

to try and keep cool. This lasted for about fifteen minutes and then

The lights were turned off and as they were being covered by the panel

some other panels in the walls opened to show pipes that had ice formed

on them. She was now to be frozen after being cooked. She welcomed

the cold at first until the temperature reached down to zero degrees

fahrenheit. After just five minutes on the cold the panels closed up

and the bar began to descend to the floor. Mistress B entered and

released the girl from the floor dildo but left on the mask and steel

cuffs. She took her out of the room and led her down a hallway by the

chain connected to her pussy ad stopped just outside of another room.

Mistress B told her to bend over and stay that way until she returned.

When she got back she poked a needle into the behind of the bent over

girl and gave her a small injection then removed the needle. The bent

girl fell to the floor in a heap of tangled limbs.

When she awoke this time, she had been placed in a standing

position in the center of a very dark room. She felt her arms behind

her tightly encased in a duplicate of the arm binder the male slave she

satisfied had worn earlier. A presence inside her pussy made her look

down to notice that she had been impelled on a rather large (and long)

dildo that had been mounted on a tall pole so she was suspended on the

dildo and two clear blocks her bare feet felt were ice cold. She also

noticed her breasts had been tied in a fashion she enjoyed using on her

slaves. They had been wrapped by a rope so they were standing straight

out. The weights were there yet, too, but She could not feel any pain

from her nipples. She noticed since she had awaken that the

temperature near her feet began to rise. She also felt the dildo go

further into her sex as the temperature grew. The blocks of ice she

was standing on were being melted away and soon all her weight would

rest on the dildo. After half an hour the ice had totally melted and

the foot long synthetic cock was now buried deep inside her. Her legs

could not provide any comfort because they were still a foot off of the

floor and the pole had been greased so she could not get any kind of


She wondered how long she had been here and how her own slaves

were doing back at her dungeon. Were any of them in any danger from

their positions? She wondered when her stay of pain/pleasure would


Mistress B came out of the shadows and spoke to her new slave.

"You have pleased me, and I am now going to give you my mark upon your

body saying that you are my property. The mark will be in a place

where your slaves will not be able to see it, but when you are here and

in your proper role, as my slave, it will be in plain view because you

will be naked at all times. I shall tattoo it right above the crack of

your ass near your tailbone." Without releasing the bound lady from

the post, Mistress B began to tattoo her mark on the bound lady. After

the tattoo was complete and showed the words "Mistress B: My property"

about three inches across right above her cheeks, Mistress B released

the girl and allowed her to get cleaned up and ready to return to her

own dungeon and slaves. Mistress B told her new slave "You are to come

to my dungeon every other weekend on Friday night after 5 p.m. If you

arrive late, you will be "suspended" for your punishment. You will

remain here all weekend from Friday to Sunday mid-day just as you have

done this weekend. That will be all. You may return to your dungeon

now." With that, Mistress B left the now free mistress to herself in

the dark room to reflect on her new status as Mistress and Slave. As

she walked out of Mistress B dungeon she past by many rooms with many

different slaves in many different circumstances.

One room had a young girl who had been bound to an examining table

that had a stock on one end. Her head and hands had been placed

through the holes and padlocked solidly into it. Her back rested on

the table making her large breasts stick up while flopping over the

sides of her body. Each nipple had a clamp on it and they were

connected together by a short length of chain. Her feet were bound to

the opposite corners of the bench causing her knees to "V" out and each

knee was also tied by short lengths of rope to eyelets in the table.

This left her bushy crotch open and ready for playtime. A tray of

shaving utensils laid near the edge of the table.

Mistress D moved to another windowed room and watched as a set of

female slaves were binding yet another set of females to a new form of

stocks she had never seen. This stocks had one person in a kneeling

position and another in a laying position just under the kneeling

person's vital parts. The female who was instructed to lay down was

first to be strapped in. Her head and arms were locked in and her feet

were parted by a four foot spreader bar for added discomfort. The girl

on the floor was also filled by a large double headed with half of the

dildo buried in her cunt and the other half in her ass. A rope was

tied around her waist then around the dildo so it could not come loose.

The kneeling female before being locked in was instructed to put on a

special brief with three pipes leading out of it. One pipe was

attached to a dildo that was planted in her pussy and the other pipe

lead from her asshole. The third pipe was attached to a water faucet

on the wall to be used as an enema. One of the slave girls who was in

charge began to inflate the butt plug in the girls ass. After that was

done she inflated the dildo in the girls pussy. This dildo was special

because it had a line that lead directly into the girls bladder. After

it was inflated the urine began to flow through the pipes, but was

stopped by a valve that was closed off. The slave in charge fitted the

slave who was already encased in the stocks with the special mask that

would receive all the discharge from the other occupant. It was a blow

up hood that totally encased the head and had a single tube leading

into the mouth and two small tubes that came out of the nose and were

mounted to the top of the hood making them look like alien antenna.

She inflated the helmet and then began to lock the kneeling slave into

the device. When the kneeling slave was secure the head slave

connected the third pipe to the faucet and turned it on so about a

quart of water flowed about every fifteen minutes. Then the final step

was taken. The kneeling slave's head was also encased in a similar

helmet except it had no hole for the mouth. When the helmet was blown

up entirely, The slave in charge brought out a sign and placed it in

front of the stocks that read:

"These two space aliens were captured and brought here

for questioning. They told us they cannot survive without

receiving water in their lower openings, so we are trying an

experiment by introducing water into the lower opening of

one subject and the upper opening of the other. The two

sensory organs on their midsections are going to be stimu-

lated by electrical impulses in an upcoming experiment to

see if they have a pain thresh hold. The electrodes will be

attached to the red points sticking out that we would refer

to as nipples using the latest in heavy-duty alligator clips.

The subject on the lower portion of the stocks is not receive-

ing any fluids in its lower openings, it is however being

stimulated in those openings using hard rubber tubing in both


As Mistress D left that window and walked down the long corridor

thinking if she could use those ideas, she stopped at the final room

window. In this room, when she looked in she saw what appeared to be a

slave storeroom. in the center of the large room was a box like

structure with wooden inner levels in a tic-tac-toe pattern and

transparent sides to look into the structure. Each compartment was

filled with a person encased in a spandex mummy suit. The suit encased

the slaves arms inside the garment right at the persons sides and went

from head to toe encasing the entire body. Each slaves feet were the

only parts of the body that were outside each small compartment held in

place by specially made stocks which would not allow the person to turn

over or move. The lowest level of slaves were toes to the ceiling

(laying on their back). The next level up was toes to the floor (on

their stomachs). This pattern alternated as the levels got higher up

to the top fifth level. Through the glass side, Mistress D could tell

that male and female slaves were encased in different colored suites;

males in black, females in red. They also alternated by male female

levels. Before she left, Mistress D counted twenty pairs of bound feet

that squirmed for release or whipping. Mistress D noticed a roster

hanging outside the door, and found that all the slaves in the room

were on vacations from work for three weeks each. She saw that all of

them started vacation on the same day two weeks ago, and that they have

been there ever since and only brought out three times a day for meals

or to use the bathroom. Their feet are whipped and tickled every

fifteen minutes each day. Mistress D noticed a note from Mistress B to

her head slaves at the bottom of the page that read:

"Each of these slaves must be taught that they are not super-

ior to the employees they manage. If you must take a slave

to the bathroom, they are not to be removed from the bondage

they are in. That is why the holes have been made in the mummy

suites. If a male must piss, place him laying face down over

the drain in the floor with his cock down the hole. When he

has finished, place some "Red Hot" solution on his cock and

balls and insert 4 D size batteries in his rectum before

returning him to his cubicle. If a female has to go, place

her in a sitting position over the hole, and when she is done

place the four foot long strings of benja bells (with 16

balls) in her pussy and insert three tampons into her ass-

hole and make sure that as much of the strings as possible

is available to remove the tampons later."

Mistress D replaced the roster and left her second home to return

to her slaves.

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