Leather 3

The mistress left the master dungeon and went to another somewhat

smaller room next to it. When she entered, she turned on the lights

revealing more slaves bound and encased in more positions and


In the left corner of the wall connected to the door was a young

naked girl who had been encased in a clear plastic upright oval tube

about five feet in length and about three feet deep. The tube went up

all the way to the ceiling and was closed airtight at the top. Inside

the tube, the girls feet were anchored to the floor at the five feet

distance by stainless steel leg cuffs. Her midsection was encased in a

metal spankers belt that had been modified to hold two metal tubes; one

for her pussy and another for her asshole. Her wrists were cuffed to

the belt by padlocked shackles. So she could breath, a dildo gag had

been incorporated with a hose that led to a hole in the tank high

enough that it was parallel to her mouth. Her nostrils had been

plugged so that she could only breath through her mouth. There was a

box connected at the hole that monitored the breathing of the tanks

occupant. Her eyes and nose had been covered by a scuba divers mask so

that her eyes would be protected and she could see what was about to

befall her. Her ears had also been plugged with wax so that she could

not hear, and also so they would not get dirty. The girl was

unconscious because of being drugged during capture for the mistress'

dungeon. She was held in an upright position because of two chains

that had been draped under her armpits and up to the top of the tank.

The mistress went over to a control box on the wall and began to press

a series of buttons. As she did this the tank began to fill up with a

brownish sticky substance at the rate of two inches per minute. As the

liquid began to fill the tank the young girl awoke slowly until she

realized that she was about to "drown" in this liquid which by now was

up to her knees. She tried in vain to free her bonds as she watched

the mistress smile at her. Still the girl struggled as the liquid made

its way to her midsection. She could feel the liquid slowly ooze into

the hollow tubes and into her private parts forcing every inch

available inside her to be covered by the watery intruder. She could

do nothing to force the liquid out because the metal tubes would not

let her use those vital muscles. The liquid kept creeping upward as

the girl stared pleading at the mistress who just watched the liquid

get higher and higher. The liquid rose past the young girls large

breasts and her rock hard nipples as her breathing got faster and

faster. The liquid made it to her chin, and the mistress watched the

horror in the girls eyes as the liquid rose past the mask and above the

top of the "diver's" head until it reached the top of the tank and

stopped. The only indication of an occupant in the tank now was the

sound of rapid breathing through the box on the tank.

Leaving the girl to "swim" for a while, the mistress went to

another corner of the room to another subject. This male subject was

playing "Wheel of Torture" on a wheel mounted to the dungeon wall. He

was totally naked and his pubic hairs and ball sack hairs were totally

gone. His body had been mounted in a spread-eagled position with his

hands encased in rubber mittens so he could not try and break free.

Five feet away from the wall, a bar had been mounted that looked like a

"T" perch for a bird with barbell ends. The "T" part was perpendicular

to the center of the wheel. Hanging over this bar was a rope with a

three pound weight hanging from its end. The weight was slowly moving

up and down in a rhythmic fashion because it had been secured to a

penis ring permanently installed through the opening of his long (and

rock hard) member. His head was encased in a leather mask that

revealed only his eyes which were pleading for release from the wheel.

The mistress went over to another control box and caused the wheel to

rotate even faster. The slaves scream through the gag was loud enough

to be heard by the participant in the opposite corner of the room.

The mistress went over and surveyed the newest addition to her

playthings. This was a young girl in her mid twenties who was no

longer a girl but had been transformed into a horse; tail and trainer

bit. Her body had been painted dark brown with small white spots all

over her body and especially one on each nipple, along with two circles

covering her pussy and her asshole. The painting went easy as she had

been shaved first. Her hair had been formed into a horses main, which

stood up behind her head and down her back. The tail was a combination

inflatable dildo and whip. The mistress inserted the dildo until the

entire dildo disappeared and then began to inflate it. She kept

pumping until the horse bellowed (they can't talk can they) a cry of

pain through the bit in its mouth. Each of the girls arms had been

encased in gloves that had a real horses hooves at the end, and her

ankles had been attached to her thighs right near her pussy, so she

could just walk literally on hands and knees. The horse had a large

collar that was attached to a chain on the wall. The horses reins were

not attached to the mouth bit, but to each lip of the exposed pussy and

then up to the corresponding nipple ring. The horse had been trained

like any other horse, with one exception. If both reins were pulled at

the same time and no one was riding the horse, it was to go ass up and

breasts to the floor to have a dildo inserted as payment for the ride.

The mistress put down some fresh fruit for the horse and removed the

bit from the trainer so that it could eat.

Leaving the animal to eat, the mistress went back to the tank of

brown liquid with the "swimmer". She pressed a few buttons and the

tank began to clear out rapidly. When the tank was empty except for

the girl, the mistress went in and unhooked the girl as fast as she

could. She led her out of the tank and tied her spread-eagled to the

floor under some heater lamps. The lamps began to harden the thick

liquid substance around her body until the liquid became almost rock

hard. At this point the mistress turned off the heater lights and

assembled some of the slaves she kept for good measure in a cell in the

last corner of the room. It held about ten naked and totally shaved

slaves all waiting in anticipation of their next activity. The

mistress went over and opened the cell door and gave one command to all

ten slaves. "Eat her out!", the mistress commanded. The flock of

slaves rushed over to the tied girl and began to eat the hardened

chocolate from off of her tender body. A female slave was working on

the area of her pussy and managed to crack the chocolate in such a way

that the tied slave was still impelled on a chocolate dildo and plug.

The mistress commanded the slave away and pulled out the dildo and

inserted in into the mouth of the tied girl. "You will keep this in

your mouth until it all melts" was the command that was issued. All

the tied girl could do was nod in agreement. The girl raised her head

a little and noticed that the horse was even getting to join in and was

working on her chocolate covered left breast. The horse broke through

the chocolate and bit on the nipple which sent the bound girl into

multiple orgasms.

The only people that could "watch" the eating feast were the "Wheel

of Fortune" player and some other ladies in strict bondage. One young

lady was being suspended by a medium gauge chain through her crotch so

that her feet were one foot off the floor. Her arms were roped behind

her to the chain, and her ankles were wearing heavy jogging weights to

keep her in an upright position. Her breasts had been tied together

with the cold chain in between them. She was also wearing a gag and


Another girl was encased in a spankers platform with her ass

pointing up ready for inspection. Her legs from knee to ankle were

tied using rope to ringlets in the platform. Her wrists had been tied

behind her back to the opposite elbow. Directly overhead of the girl

was a very large enema bag with a clear hose leading down and

disappearing into her virgin asshole. Through the clear hose water

could be seen slowly entering the young girls rectum. Her head had

been secured to a dildo gag/helmet that was mounted to the platform,

and another dildo was being used inside her vagina.

Yet another girl was hanging suspended in a pretzel sort of shape

from a wooden bar about four feet off the floor. Her legs had been

brought over the bar and were tied with rope from ankle to thigh so the

bar was held just behind the kneecap. Her arms were brought from under

the bar back over near her head and each wrist was connected by leather

cuff to a slave collar around her neck. Her eyes were also blindfolded

and her mouth silenced by a large rubber ball gag. Her crotch and

asshole had been shaved clean and had become the homes for a butt plug

and two foot long double-headed dildo that only had two inches left to

go to be unnoticeable. It looked as though her pussy was growing a


One more slave who could not watch was tied together in a ball in

one corner of the slave's cage. Her feet were leg cuffed together by a

short chain and secured by a rope behind her back so that her heels

were touching her ass cheeks. Her waist had been wrapped and tied by a

thin rope that also ran down through her pussy lips, between her ass

cheeks and up to her back, then around the rope and back again through

her ass and cunt. Her arms had been tied together at the wrists and

elbows behind her back, and were held against her back by a belt

secured just below her breasts. This caused her breasts to

stand out from her body. Her nipples had also been pierced by rings of

a very large diameter. Ropes came into the cell and were secured to

the girls knees pulling her legs apart so her sex was open for abuse.

Her body was covered by semen from the male slaves who were given

permission to cum all over her but could not have sex with her. They

were also allowed to have her perform blow jobs on them or to eat them

out (depending on the practicing slave's sex). She was also

blindfolded and had wax in her ears so she could only smell and taste


After the slaves were done eating the Chocolate girl, the mistress

ordered them back into the cell except one male who was going to be

next in the tank. She put the man in the tank and restarted the

process for him. After the tank was again full the mistress noticed

that the chocolate girl still had quite a bit of the chocolate dildo in

her mouth, she decided to wait for a couple of hours before taking the

man out of the tank and allowing the slaves to go to work on him.

At that, she went to the dungeon door, turned off the lights, and

after changing into street attire, and went to an all day party at

another mistress' dungeon.

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