Leather 2

Finally finding the tied girls pussy, Elmer again slowly inserted

the dildo and began slow and easy strokes. What Elmer didn't know was

the mistress had gotten the girl to come many times that day, and it

was getting harder to accomplish the task. Very slowly Elmer stroked

the dildo in and out of the girls sex. He even varied the length of

the strokes to keep the girl excited. The now full opening accepted

the dildo easily and to Elmer smelled as of roses. The pink and juicy

lips of her cunt sucked on the dildo as though life itself was in

danger of stopping. Elmer kept going for a half hour until finally the

girl came. The mistress unhooked Elmer from the dildo and

left it in the girl.

She led Elmer away and made him lay down in another corner. She

attached a pulley to the hook on the spreader bar and lifted Elmer into

the air upside down till his head was four feet off the ground. She

removed the inflatable dildo and hung two big hot water bottles above

him. Each bottle had a hose and clamp combination connected to one

hose that she inserted deep into his asshole. She inserted enough of

the individual tube to make sure that it did not come out if he

squirmed. She then slowly proceeded to give him an enema of two quarts

nearly boiling water and two quarts ice cold water alternating between

the two until it was all inside him. Elmer could feel the muscles in

his rectum tighten as the water seemed to burn away at his ass then

cool it down again. The sensations lasted for about ten minutes as the

entire quantity of water from both bottles filled him to the brink of

exploding. He could even feel the muscles in he stomach expanding from

all the pressure. From the outside he began to look as though he were

five months pregnant. She replaced the dildo and inflated it even

bigger than the first time. He loved the feel of his body as the

sensations and quantity of water drove him to the brink of exploding.

Never before had he been filled with this much water and expected to

hold it for this long. She began to slowly insert a surgical tube into

his penis (the kind that inflates at the other end). The cord worked

its way inside Elmer all the way into his bladder. He could feel it

being inflated to a gigantic size by the lovely lady he served. This

cord connected to the dildo in his ass through a one way valve.

Another tube was added coming from the dildo and lead to the dildo in

his mouth again through a one way valve. She had blocked it off with a

clamp to give the enema time to work. Soon he would drink his own


The mistress left Elmer there and left the room. She went down the

corridor and entered a dimly light room with a bondage chair in the

center. The chair was constructed of metal and resembled a chair that

could be made of a cardboard box; all solid. On the seat of the chair

was what appeared to be a six inch dildo. In front of the chair was a

tube about 3 inches in diameter sticking out of the floor on a swivel

base. Coming out of the ceiling was a clear plastic tube that was

connected to a dildo gag. The mistress went over to the chair and

check to make sure everything was operational. On the back of the

chair were a series of buttons and knobs. She pressed one button on

the back of the chair and the top 3 inches of the dildo began to swell

in size and became about as big as a fist (if not bigger). She touched

another button and the swivel tube moved against the chair and began a

suction sound. She touched another button and a balloon around the

inside of the tube inflated and made an opening no bigger the diameter

of her little finger. Satisfied that everything was working, she

turned her attention to her subject for this devilish devise. A young

male no older than 20 had been bound into a tight naked ball in middle

of the floor near to the chair. He was blindfolded and could not see

what was in store for him. He was also wearing a regular ball gag and

could not cry out. She began to lift him off the floor and position

him over the chair. As she lowered him down onto the dildo on the

chair, he began to squirm as he felt the presence at his asshole. She

made sure that his weight had buried the dildo in as far as it could go

and began to untie certain parts of his body to secure him to the

chair. His arms were released and placed into compartments that would

completely hide them from the elbow to the hand so that he could not

pull backwards. Then each leg was untied and secured in separate

compartments that would hide his legs from just below the knee to each

foot. The mistress pushed a button and two hooks emerged from the

chair and secured her slave's legs to the chair so he could not try and

get away from the dildo. Another button and the swivel tube made its

way towards the slaves cock and the mistress held his member until it

was pulled tight into the tube. She touch two of the buttons and she

could see that the dildo and tube balloon were beginning to inflate

because he was squirming wildly. She took the dildo gag that was

hanging from the ceiling and in one quick move substituted it for the

one in the slaves mouth. Now he was ready. She began to turn a dial

on the top of the chair and could hear the sound of the loving

machinery. She knew that her slave was being given an enema of water

and of his own urine that was being sucked from his body. The jets

from the dildo would shoot in her requirement of two quarts and just as

quickly suck the solution out and shoot it back in again like a washing

machine. This would go on for a timed twenty minutes and then another

part of the machine would take over. The solution from his ass would

be fed to him slowly through the tube from the ceiling and would take a

few minutes. The process would be repeated over and over again until

she wanted to take him off the chair. The last thing she did was to

tie a cord around his balls that had a five found weight at the other

end which she just left hanging over the front of the chair. She

turned off the lights and closed the door and left him to his ordeal.

Upon her return to Elmer's room she carried another section of

hose and connected it to the pipe coming out of his rectum. She forced

about two feet of the other end into the girls anus and began to

maneuver Elmer into a position were his body was flat in mid air. She

used a long piece of leather and secured it to the ceiling so Elmer was

suspended horizontally. Elmer knew what was about to happen and was

excited beyond any feeling he had ever had. He could feel a tug on the

dildo in his rectum as natural forces began to

expel the "dinner" he was about to have. The mistress opened the clamp

only far enough to allow a slow flow of fluid to escape. She then went

over to Elmer and began to stimulate parts of his body by rubbing then

gently. First, she began at his feet, tickling them as he squirmed as

much as his bonds would let him. Then, slowly she worked her way up

his body until she reached his genitals, where she stopped. She left

Elmer and went over to the girl and began the same actions she had done

on Elmer. This did not have the same effect because she was

preoccupied with the enema she was receiving from Elmer's discharge.

She violently struggled against her bounds as the mistress was sucking

on her tits and fucking her with the dildo that was still planted deep

in her pussy.

She stopped playing with the girl and went back to Elmer. The

brown liquid was coming steadily from his ass and she decided that she

wanted it coming out full blast. She removed the clamp and watched the

reactions of both slaves. The girl was trying even harder now that she

felt a greater pressure on her previously virgin ass. Elmer was also

struggling but could not move around as much as the girl. The enema he

had taken was flowing very quickly now and it could be seen that the

tube was filled with the liquid and how he was trying to keep up by

swallowing to please his mistress.

After it appeared that all of the enema had been expelled by Elmer

the mistress went over to the girl and started raising the end of the

frame by the girls feet high into the air, so that none of her newly

acquired enema would come out. She also inflated the butt plug in the

girl's shaved ass until the girl almost screamed with pain.

Elmer was relieved when he was released only to feel he was being

set up in a new position. His legs were released from the spreader bar

and he was taken over to the frame. He was bound so that he was

sitting on the mask of the girl and his feet were attached to the same

pulleys that held the girls arms so that his entire weight balanced

upon her head. His felt his hands being encased in a arm binder and the

end of the binder was pulled until it reached the girls pussy. There

he felt it being tied off to something. The ropes securely had his

arms tied to the bound girls dildo and plug. Any movement from his

arms disturbed the pieces causing the girl to squirm and possible his

losing his new perch. To finalize the position he could feel a tension

on the cock harness as his mistress pulled tight and secured it to the

same place as the girls helmet. He tried to get away as he felt his

nipples getting pierced and rings being inserted in the new openings.

From these rings he could feel the tension as his nipple rings were

tied by rope to the girl suspended beneath him. Then he felt nothing.

No other touching. No hearing any movement, but feeling the bound girl

moving underneath him. That's when he thought he heard two loud

clicks; one for the lights and one for the door closing. He relaxed

and let the sensations of his bondage position drive him to extasy.

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