It was early Friday morning. Elmer awoke with anticipation of the

days activities with his mistress. After getting out of bed and

surveying his room to find a clean set of clothes he left for his

session. When he arrived he noticed Mistress D was waiting at the


Mistress D was wearing a regular bathrobe when she answered the

door and scolded Elmer for being late and said he would pay for his

mistake. When she closed the door to the outside world she took off

the robe revealing the rubber and leather garment she was covering.

Elmer always loved looking upon his mistress when he arrived, because

she looked so powerful. Today she wore one of her more elaborate

garments consisting of a total body black rubber jumpsuit that covered

her body from the neck down. The suit had holes for her large tits

which jutted out and each was the size of a cantaloupe with lovingly

huge nipples. Another large hole in the suit revealed her own ruby red

shaved pussy and from the back showed her asshole. She also wore a

pair of thigh length high heeled bright red shoes. The heels of the

shoes were five inches long and made of steel with a button end and

were about as round as a pen-light battery. On her head she put on a

half mask that turned her into a ruthless tigress. The mask came down

to under her nose, and suddenly transformed her into a creature with

the senses that told her the pain/pleasure threshold of her slaves.

Mistress D told Elmer to go to the basement and strip down. He

went to his customary "cell" and took off all his clothes. On a shelf

in his room were some items with a note that ordered him to wear what

was there. The items included a pair of dildo briefs, an unusual mask

with a small rod sticking out of the front and only a tube for his

nose, a cock harness, a set of handcuffs, and a leg spreader bar with a

hook in the center.

Elmer wasn't sure exactly how to put on the rubber dildo briefs,

so he reached for the bottle of petroleum jelly and began to spread the

substance slowly around and into his asshole. As he inserted his

finger into his hole he could feel his member becoming rock hard. He

slipped both legs through the pants and then he put his feet as far

apart as possible and bent over so that he could see his asshole in the

cells mirror, this he thought should help make the butt plug go in

easier. Mistress D had thought of everything, since the plug had

already been covered by petroleum jelly. He pressed it to his asshole

and slowly began to push it home. It was about five inches around at

its widest point, and he wasn't sure if he could handle the whole

thing. Inch by inch he saw it work its way inside him. He could feel

his muscles tighten as he pushed the intruder into its new dark warm

home. Just an inch to go then the lip of the plug would be inside the

outer muscle and the plug would pop in on its own. Finally, the butt

plug caught on the lip of his outer asshole and Elmer squeezed his

muscles and sent the plug deep inside him to lock in place. After his

muscles relaxed he noticed a clear plastic tube coming out from the

center of the plug. Elmer wondered if she was going to do anything

with it.

His next task for Mistress D was to put his cock and balls in the

front of the pouch. He slowly inserted his rock hard cock into

avoid coming, because he knew that he would be punished even more for

messing up the cells carpeted floor and he was already in trouble for

being late. After taking five minutes to get his member in, he

carefully fed his balls in the pouch and pulled up the briefs to an

overly snug fit. That's were the straps came in. He buckled the

regular belt of the briefs around his waist and pulled on the two

straps that came from behind the brief, through his crotch and felt a

tightness around his balls and his asshole as he locked the straps to

the remaining buckles on the brief. He began work on some new buckles

on the briefs. Three sets of straps buckled around his cock and he

buckled them to the tightest fitting so he would not be punished even

longer. One strap was right at the end of the sheath that buckled just

behind the head of his cock. The second strap was about two inches

inward, and the last was just in front of his ball sack. He managed to

get all the straps to the smallest positions. He thought his cock had

been caught in a vise and would not let go. The last of the new straps

was locked into place behind his cock and balls and secured them inside

the sheath. Looking in the mirror he saw that his cock was standing

straight out and looked totally confined and was as disciplined as


Elmer picked up and checked out the spreader bar. On both ends

were ankle cuffs made of leather with a fur lining. He put the first

one on his right ankle, then attached the left. He was really excited

and couldn't wait for the session to start.

Mistress D, without warning, flung the door open and asked what

was taking so long. She forced Elmer down on his knees and roughly put

on the helmet. What Elmer found out was that it was an inflatable

helmet when she inflated the gag in his mouth and the helmet itself

around his head. He felt totally cut off except for the smells in the

room. She also took a five inch cord and secured the cock harness to

the spreader bar. Now Elmer had to walk using his knees.

Mistress D pulled Elmer's arms behind him and attached the pair of

handcuffs to his wrists, securing them to the belt strap that ran

around his balls. The strap was adjustable and Mistress D adjusted the

line so tight that his hands were almost touching the sack itself.

Next, she secured the leash to the harness and began to lead him out of

the room. He had never been in this position, and was very clumsy. He

felt a swift cat-o-nine tails on his cock, and knew he better get good

fast. The cord from his ass was dragging behind him as he tried to

"walk". She led him down a long hallway which felt a mile long and

into a room with no sounds at all (at least nothing Elmer could hear

because of the helmet). Through the helmet Elmer could only hear

anything spoken directly at him.

Elmer had been here many times before and knew that pictured along

the walls of the dungeon were actual photos blown up to poster size.

One picture showed a girl in a leather mummy suit fitted with holes for

her tits, pussy and ass. All around the suit were three foot straps

that had been buckled at the smallest possible position. On the lower

portion of the mummy were a short strap was around the ankles, two more

straps just above and below the knees, and one appeared about an two

inches below the crotch. Above the crotch were straps at the belly

button holding the arms tightly to the mummy's sides, and two more

straps above and below the breasts also holding the arms to the side

and causing the breasts to stand straight out. What appeared to be a

special kind of suspension brace on the upper body section underneath

the armpits and through the crotch of the mummy and was elaborately

fitted to a ring at the top of the brace above the mummy's head. The

mummy was suspended six inches off of the floor by the brace.

Connected to the ankle strap was a short chain that had been connected

to a ring in the floor so the mummy could not swing. The only openings

in the head region were two small hoses that appeared to come from the

nose area; and one exiting from the mouth area with a small bulb

attached. A necklace around the mummy's neck held a box with the


"Every single strand of hair from this loyal slave."

The pictured girls breasts were wound in a upright position very

tightly with a very small gauge of rope. Her nipples had been pierced

and each was being weighted by a one pound ball. Coming out of her

vagina just above the strap below the crotch you could make out a very

wide dildo with a clear tube running out of it and a thin black cord

going to an outlet in the wall.

"This mummy was plugged up three days ago. It is being

introduced fluids into every spot and drained again

after a thirty minute period. The mummy is being elect-

rically stimulated in its lower major openings to try and

bring it back to life. Mummy subject to be checked for

life signs after seventy two hours of experimentation.

The mouth cavity is being pried open by balloon."

Another picture on the other wall had a title of 'Nightstand'.

The girl was totally naked except for one tattoo on her left breast

that read 'Slave'. Her arms had been bound in a leather arm binder

behind her and she was laying on her arms. She was not wearing a

helmet, but what appeared to be a very large double-dildo gag. Her

legs had been bent over her head and her feet were tied by heavy

leather cords to rings in the floor five feet away from her head.

This position left her pussy and asshole pointing at the ceiling.

Inside her vagina was a six inch diameter dildo that appeared to go

deep into the helpless pussy. Above her vagina someone was holding a

pure white candle approximately one foot tall and five inches around in

the stem. It had a "bulb" at its base measuring seven inches around.

A picture hanging next to it showed the resting place of the candle,

and more. The candle had been inserted into the previously vacant

asshole, and Mistress D was reading a very large book by its light

while seated on the protruding dildo.. The candle had burned down

almost three quarters of the way, and in the picture you could see the

wax that had dripped down around the outside of the "Nightstand's"

anus. There was a small card in a lower corner of a second picture

where the mistress was being satisfied while reading a book by the

candles light that read:

"While reading the book I was being serviced by my night-

stand. The candle went out after it had burned all the

way down inside her ass and she was able to close her

rectal muscle on her own to stop the oxygen to the candle.

The candle glowed for three hours until it finally dis-

appeared into the opening and went out. The bulb of the

candle was then removed, using a cord that had been melted into

its base. I was still being serviced for two hours after I

removed the bulb, until I finished reading my entire book."

Elmer wondered if the pictures were still there, but he wondered

even more about the other slaves that were there as they entered. In a

brightly lit corner of the room was a coffin leaning against the wall

at an almost standing position. Inside the coffin was a male subject

who had been put in the mummy position, except that his entire body had

been encased in plastic and them wrapped head to toe in electrical

tape. The only things that were showing were two small tubes for the

mummy to breath through and the mummy's large cock and balls. These

were in a situation of their own. The head of this mummy's cock had

been pierced, and were now sporting a cockring that was connected by a

taught chain to the ceiling. Two more cock rings had been pierced

through the ball sack on the left and right sides and each supported a

five pound weight.

Next to the male mummy was a girl riding a wooden horse like those

used by carpenters. She was completely naked and totally shaved

(including her head). Her legs were held apart by a four foot spreader

bar that had been secured so that her body was perpendicular to the

horse. Hanging from the bar were two weights of ten pounds each to put

pressure on her pussy. Her pussy had just become the home of a fist

diameter electric dildo that was eight inches long and her ass had made

a home for a large electric butt plug both of which you could hear

happily buzzing away as she struggled. Her arms had been encased

behind her in an arm binder and straps near her elbows had been secured

around her waist. The ring at the wrist of the binder had been

connected by rope to a ring in the ceiling so that she could not use

her arms to provide any comfort for her tortured pussy. Her nipples

had been pierced and light chains were connected between them and to a

neck collar she wore proclaiming in large letters "My Mistress'

Property". Her mouth had been silenced by an inflatable dildo gag, and

her eyes blinded by a blindfold.

Not four feet away from the pony rider were two young naked ladies

whose wrists had been secured to their ankles and were hanging by the

ankle cuffs to the ceiling. They were suspended so that their backs

reached to one foot off the floor. Each girls mouth had been filled by

a ball gag, and each was wearing a blindfold, just like the others.

Inside the asses of both girls could be made out the exterior section

of a butt plug (and by the size of the section, both were rather

large!) Between the girls was a three foot long double headed dildo

entering their vaginas. The dildo was about three inches in diameter.

The girls legs had been secured together by a rope so that the center

foot of the dildo was exposed between the two helpless girls and the

dildo could not come free, and so they were not touching each others


In the center of the room was a square frame of two by fours

hanging horizontally from pulleys in the ceiling. It measured eight

feet by eight feet. In each corner of the frame was a pulley connected

to a steel cuff lined with fur (like Elmer's spreader bar). Hanging

not so loosely from these four pulleys was a beautiful naked girl in

her mid twenties. She had a golden tan with no lines. Her tits were

the size of cantaloupes and each drooped over the side of her body.

Her pussy and asshole were shaved clean as a whistle and her clit was

shining in the hot lights from juices due to previous orgasms from all

sorts of objects the mistress had used on her. Her head was encased in

a mask almost like Elmer's with the gag inflated except that it had no

rod in the front and a ring at the top of the head. This ring was

connected to a ring in the frame by a strong piece of rope. She

couldn't move or tilt her head.

The mistress lead Elmer to a distance of five feet away from the

frame which was high enough that he could not bang his head, but could

touch the girl anywhere along the sides of her body. She then went

over to her table and picked up three items. Upon her return, she

attached a hand pump to the cord and proceeded to inflate the large plug

inside Elmer's asshole. When she felt enough tension in the pump she

plugged the line, and played with the cord right near his hole to see

if it was inflated enough. She felt not, and continued to inflate it

until Elmer almost screamed through the gag. She stopped and sealed off

the line.

The mistress took the second item and attached it to the rod on

Elmer's helmet. It was a four inch butt plug with hose (similar to

Elmer's). She bent down and said to Elmer to insert this where it

goes. Elmer obeyed and began to move forward towards the girl. He was

near her head, and began to poke her with the plug. He kept poking as

he crawled very slowly due to the dildo in his ass. His mistress gave

him a whack with the tails and he tried to move faster. He finally

made it around to her pussy, and began pushing it in, only to receive

another whack, telling him he was in the wrong area. He tried to bend

down under the strain of his bonds, and felt the plug touch the young

girls ass. He began to slowly insert the plug as he felt the girl try

and pull away. He knew that the insertion of a butt plug required that

it be done like having sex; push in hard and pull out slightly until

the widest point of the plug passes the outer muscles of the asshole

and then it will just pop right in. He just pushed harder and harder

and finally felt her rectum give way to the massive plug. He could

smell the young bound girl's ass, and thought it was beautiful. The

mistress unhooked Elmer from the girl's new addition and led him by the

cock leash to another corner of the room, where he waited for what he

felt was the longest time.

The girl on the square was trying in vain to free herself with

wild moves and pulling on every bond. She had never felt a plug up her

ass, and was in loving pain. Her mistress began to take a rope and tie

her tits in a upright position, which she then snaked the leftover rope

through rings in the ceiling and pulled taught.

The mistress went back to Elmer and put another item on the little

rod. This one was a nine inch dildo. She again told Elmer to put it

where it goes and left the room. It took Elmer ten minutes just to

locate the girl. Again he was near her head and began poking to see

where he was. The mistress came back, and told him that if he found

where it went and got her to cum, maybe he could fuck her for real. He

quickened his pace.

While Elmer was looking for the "prize box", the mistress went

over to her throne. It was a young naked girl no older than nineteen

whose legs had been bent back, and her knees had been tied using a rope

that went behind her back. Each arm from the elbow to wrist had been

encased in a spandex mitten along with the leg that matched, from the

knee down to the tip of the toes. Near her ankle and half way up each

mitten were leather straps assuring the "throne" could go nowhere. The

girls head was encased in a rubber hood with a built in dildo gag that

she breathed through. Her pubic hairs were a nice blonde color and had

been cut to be one quarter of an inch long. The girl was placed on a

swinging platform about eight inches above the floor. As the mistress

sat down on the girl she reached over to a near-by table and picked up

a can of shaving cream and a razor. She began to apply the cream all

over her throne's pussy. After lathering the throne, she also attached

a clear tube to the can and began to pump the rest of shaving cream

into the throne's asshole. The Mistress felt excited as her throne

came to life and struggled against her bonds. The mistress began to

shave off every hair from that tender vagina. After she had completed

the shaving job, she marveled at the word "Slave" that had been

tattooed in big enough letters that when hair grew back it would be

covered. The mistress put down the shaving can and the razor and

picked up a small battery operated butt plug and a medium sized

vibrator. As the "throne" began to feel the insertion of the plug, it

began to once again try and break free to the delight of the seated

occupant. Very slowly the plug was inserted, about one inch for every

thirty seconds to prolong the feeling in the "throne's" rectum. Just

when the plug was about to go all the way in the mistress pulled it out

and inserted a finger into the hole to get the muscles real tight

again. She played around for a minute or two and pulled her finger

out, waited another minute, then very rapidly inserted the plug into

the ass with great force. This caused the "throne" to buck wildly,

which did no good, the plug was home and not about to budge. The

mistress reached for the control of the plug and turned it on to a very

slow speed. It could be heard (and felt) buzzing away happily inside

its new home. Next, it was time for the dildo. Spreading her pussy

lips as far apart as they could go, she lubricated the dildo with the

juices that were flowing from the assaulted opening. Before inserting

the vibrator into her "throne's" pussy she turned the unit up as fast

as it could go, then shoved it in until it completely disappeared

inside. The young girl was being assaulted at both ends and was trying

in vain to get loose, and the mistress was overjoyed at the feeling of

the "throne's" body vibrating underneath her. That was not the end of

the session with the throne, because one more thing remained, her

"throne's" pussy lips were to be pierced and locked together so the

dildo could not slip out on its own. The mistress took the tools for

piercing and carefully put two rings in each pussy lip at one inch

apart and then melted them into place so they would be permanent. She

then took two very small locks and securely padlocked each set of rings

together. The mistress stood up and watched as the girl kept

struggling until she had no more energy, and fainted. Leaving her

"throne" to rest she concentrated again on Elmer.

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