Josie's husband, Brad, was at work in the basement, and had told her he didn't want to be disturbed. This was fine with her - she had a lot to think about.....

Josie had always been a highly sexed woman. She had led a sheltered life in high school and college, but there had been the usual sexual experimentation with several boyfriends. It was always enjoyable and Josie had no trouble cumming. She was always left with the feeling that there was something better or something missing, but put this down to inexperience, both hers and her partners. In her freshman year of college she and her roommate, a gorgeous brunette, had even played around a bit. Josie had not been turned off, although she really preferred men. In fact, it had been Jeanie who had first introduced her to spanking as a form of sex play. They would have a contest to see who could clean up their part of the room first. The loser had to pay a forfeit, usually ten hard spanks on each ass cheek. This usually made them both hot, and ended with a fingering and licking session. Although she hadn't thought about Jeanie and their fun times in years, Josie now realized she had almost always managed to lose. Jeanie hadn't seemed to have a preference but Josie had enjoyed receiving the spanking more than giving it.

She was just out of college and working at her first teaching job when she met Brad. They dated frequently and began getting serious. Sex with Brad was straight and a little boring, but Josie hadn't thought it a problem. Brad never seemed to want sex as much as Josie. Earlier in their marriage she had tried all the tricks to interest him, but soon gave up trying. They fell into the old married-couple pattern of sex once or twice a month, if they got around to it. That was when her dreams started. She began having very erotic and intense dreams. They usually happened once or twice a month, but became gradually more frequent. She often woke in a cold sweat, nipples erect, and highly agitated. It was the content of the dreams that bothered her. They weren't the usual "wet" dreams the guys talked about. Josie saw herself in a variety of situations. Sometimes she was a harem girl, or a captured spy being forced to tell her secrets. She had dreamed she was a hooker, and a rape victim. One particularly vivid dream kept recurring. There was a huge room, and she was naked, in front of a large audience. She was suspended from the ceiling and was being whipped while the crowd cheered and called for more. After the whipping she was passed around the audience and forced to participate in filthy and degrading forms of sex with men, women, couples, and groups. Each time she had this dream it seemed to get more deviant. The unsettling thing was that the more bizarre it got the more turned on she was when she woke!

It was at the height of these dreams that she met Richard. He was an employee who worked in Brad's company. He managed overseas operations and had lived in many strange places. Richard was charming and had interesting stories to tell about the customs, particularly sexual ones, of obscure, mostly Asian cultures. One of his stories had to do with the torturing of women for sexual purposes. Josie had latched on to this, wanting to learn more. Josie was probably the last person someone would consider if they were thinking about adulteresses. She would never have an affair, but she did. Her unsatisfactory sex life, Brad's indifference, and curiosity about the substance of her dreams made her do it. Richard was perfect. He was single, rich, and deeply involved in bondage and discipline. Over the course of six months, he slowly brought Josie along until she was so immersed in the scene that she no longer cared about anything else. She was hooked on pain, bondage, and humiliation, as much as any junkie on cocaine or heroin. She had to have it. Nothing else could satisfy the tremendous urges and cravings she had for the release it gave her. When Richard told her he was being transferred overseas, she was crushed, and a little panicked. He introduced her to a friend of his, someone who was willing to take her on as a slave in his extensive harem. Josie had met with him and had enjoyed the session. The problem was that he was not willing to let her live her life with Brad and come to him when she needed him. He wanted a commitment. She had to be his slave, always available. Josie knew it would mean giving up her entire life. Her only other choice was to find different men, pickups, who would give her what she needed when it was convenient for her. She knew how dangerous this could be. When you are naked and tied up, you are at your partner's mercy. She could easily wind up maimed, scarred for life, or even dead.

Going back to her boring life with Brad was not an option. Josie was climbing the walls and having her terrible dreams again just two weeks after Richard left. This was when she told Brad what she had been doing. Her decision had been made, she was going to go to Steve, Richard's friend, and accept his conditions. Telling Brad was her last ditch effort, a cry for him to help her find a way out of this mess she had created. It had worked out better than expected. Josie smiled. She was drifting along in that dreamy state, half-awake, half-asleep, thinking about her incredible luck. On the verge of throwing away her entire life, she now had everything she could possibly want. She knew her husband was new to the bondage and discipline scene, but she had seen him at work. He was good, and seemed to want to get better. From what he had told her about his evening with Jenny and Carol, he had discarded his prim and proper image and was now totally committed to debauchery. It pleased Josie. The more deviant he became, the better she liked it. Josie was mildly surprised to answer the door and find Jenny and Carol standing on the porch. When they mentioned Brad's invitation, it crossed her mind that he must have a plan. She called down to Brad, he told her to fix everyone a drink, and he would be right up to join them.

When he came upstairs, the women were all seated in the den. Jenny and Josie were having a cocktail and Carol was sipping a coke. Brad's martini was waiting for him. Josie examined her neighbors carefully while they all made small talk. She found it hard to believe the story Brad had told her. They seemed like a perfectly respectable mother and daughter. Carol, if anything, was much more pleasant and mature than any of the girls Richie had brought home, although she was the same age - just turned 18. If there was any clue to their private behavior it was in their dress. Mother and daughter had chosen outfits that exuded sex. Jenny wore a short sun-dress, cut very low in the back and revealing her tits, almost to the nipples. It was obvious that she was not wearing a bra. Her hemline only came to about mid-thigh, and seated on the couch, even higher. Josie saw a flash of her panties when she crossed her legs. Carol had on a halter top, more like the top to a bikini bathing suit, revealing a deep, rich tan that Josie suspected might be all over. Her long, slim, legs were accented by her tight, white, shorts. Josie saw the bulge of the young girl's pussy clearly outlined. A faint darkness there probably meant she wasn't wearing panties. Josie was startled when she realized Brad was telling them that she wasn't really his wife, but was his slave. "Really," Jenny said. "A lot of men joke about their wives that way, but I find that very few can really dominate a woman, even with her consent."

"I'll prove it to you" Brad answered. "What would you like to see her do? Make it something you know she wouldn't do under normal circumstances." Josie felt her face get red and hot as Jenny and her husband talked about her like she wasn't even there. "Have her raise her T-shirt and pinch her nipples until they get hard." "Mom, I'd like to see her pull down her panties and ask each of us to spank her bare bottom, like you make me do" Carol added. "Those both sound like good suggestions. Josie, you heard them. They want a show." Josie was slow to react. She had performed in front of people before, but that was with Richard and with people who didn't know her. This was different. Brad's response was swift. He yanked her out of her chair and ripped her blouse from her in one motion. Josie was too stunned to move while Brad put the collar around her neck and fastened the snaps. "I gave you an order, you worthless, slut. Pinch your nipples yourself or I'll whip your tits until they bleed" he barked, glaring at her.

Josie's hands flew to her chest. She pulled and twisted her own nipples until they got red and stiff. They were still sore from the clips he had used on her yesterday, but it didn't matter. Once she overcame the initial shock of having to do such shameless things in front of her neighbors, Josie slipped into her role comfortably. Brad had told her that it was his job to worry about their public image, her job was only to obey. Still mauling her tits, Josie crossed to the couch and turned her back to her company. She bent forward at the waist, pushing her ass right into Carol's face, and slowly peeled her panties down to her thighs. "Please spank me" she pleaded. "I have been a bad slave and I need to be punished. Spank me until I cry and my Master is satisfied I have suffered enough. I promise I will never be slow to obey an order again." Carol put quite a bit of effort into her spanking of Josie, then turned the woman's thoroughly reddened ass over to her mother. Jenny got up from the couch so she could put her weight behind her blows. The first smack brought tears to Josie's eyes and she was sobbing after five hits. When Jenny finished, Brad made Josie stand with her skirt raised so everyone could see how red her ass cheeks were. Although she had quit playing with her nipples, they were still quite hard, and jutted out proudly from the center of her ample tits, betraying how excited the spanking and humiliation she had made her.

Carol was rubbing her crotch as she eyed Brad's obvious erection. Jenny had noticed it as well and moved over to kneel in front of him. "Do you have any orders for me, Master?" she questioned. "As a matter of fact, I do." Brad replied. "But they will have to wait until we get downstairs. Richie is at baseball practice and could walk in at any minute. He hasn't been brought up the way you've raised Carol and I think he would be shocked to see his mother with her tits hanging out and her ass beet red, and his father with his cock in his neighbor's mouth." Carol giggled. "You might be surprised. He's been trying all this year to get into my pants. He has finger-fucked me a few times, and I've given him a few hand jobs. He's built just like you, and certainly seems ready to go." Brad and Josie were a little taken aback. They just couldn't think of their son that way. He was still a child to them, although they couldn't deny Carol seemed capable of handling herself like an adult... and Richie was 18 after all. Josie couldn't wait to see Carol and Jenny together. A mother-daughter relationship was possibly even more bizarre than one between a mother and her son. After all, she had considered Carol lucky when Brad had told her about the bond between the two, maybe Richie deserved the same training.

When they got to the basement, Brad immediately assumed his Master's role. All three women were happy to let him take charge. "I will now entertain any particular requests you may have. Once we begin, you will not be allowed to ask for favors, unless you are willing to be severely punished." Brad said. Jenny spoke first. "Please Master, I've not been fucked in the ass for a long time. I really like having a cock stuffed deep in my ass, especially after my bottom's been spanked or whipped." "I want to lose my virginity." Carol said. "I want to know how it feels to be a real woman and satisfy my Master with every part of my body."

Josie said nothing for a moment, realizing she needed to speak up or lose her chance, she hastily said, "I want pain. Torture me until the pain almost makes me lose my mind. Hurt me so bad that I offer my soul to the Devil and promise to do anything He asks. I need to be broken, in both mind and body. Whoever brings me to that point will have a true slave, willing to do anything and everything. That person can be my devil." Brad thought a long time before he answered. "I think I can accommodate you all tonight" Brad answered. "I'm going to hurt you," he said to Josie, "and since you seem to want it so badly, I'm going to hurt you a lot. When you reach your breaking point and make your offer to me I'll give you a test. If you refuse to do what I ask I'll know you were faking, and the punishment will be both severe and inescapable." His warning to Josie sent shivers up and down the spines of all three women. They knew he was telling the truth, and they were afraid. They were already horny from Josie's show, the atmosphere of the basement torture chamber, and the anticipation of the night's entertainment. The fear just added to it. Carol and Jenny had seen Brad in action with two girls. They could imagine how exciting it was going to be with three. Josie knew she had no right to be jealous of Carol and Jenny. She also knew there wasn't a damn thing she could do about them. Brad had made it clear that he was in control and would do what he pleased. She did make a vow to herself that she was going to be Brad's favorite. He may have three women as slaves, but she was going to take more punishment and work harder to please him. She didn't realize the other two girls were thinking the same thing! "How should we begin?" Brad questioned, more to himself then to the girls. "I think a silent auction might be fun. I'm going to select a whip or paddle. I want each of you to write down how many hits you can take from it. The person with the highest number goes first and gets slightly lighter blows. The first one to take their full number without screaming gets to ask another favor. If none of you make it all the way I'll choose another device and we'll go again."

He selected a wide leather strap, similar to a razor strop, but not quite so thick. It would cover a lot of area with each blow, and would make a great deal of sound, but do relatively little damage. It didn't really take Brad too long to figure out what was going on among his three slaves once he saw the number of hits they had chosen to take. They were silently competing to see who could take the most pain. Now that he knew this, it would be easy, and fun, to pit them against each other. Josie won, having asked for fifty strokes. Brad had her strip completely, then fastened her in his latest creation. It was an improvement on the ropes and pulleys he had used on her earlier. Basically, it consisted of a large square frame. Each corner held leather cuffs fixed to chains, which were attached to ratchet gears so they could be tightened with incredible force. The entire unit sat inside an outer frame and spun on a central point. After the victim was placed in the cuffs, they were tightened equally on all four sides. This left the victim, Josie, suspended, centered in the frame. The inner frame could then be spun to the desired position, head up, down, parallel to the floor, or any angle between. Tightening a bolt kept her frozen in that position until changed. The beauty of it was that the victim could be placed in virtually any position and fastened there, appearing to float in mid air, and giving the Master total access to any and all body parts to do with as he pleased. Brad positioned his wife with her body at a forty-five degree angle, leaving her back side exposed to the whip. He had decided to give the first twenty-five cuts to her back and ass, and the last twenty-five to her tits, stomach, and pussy. Carol and Jenny got on either side of the frame, intensely interested in the proceedings. They knew their turn would be coming soon.

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