Duty, Pleasure, and Pleasure

It seemed that I was in a constant state of arousal here. I had completed my duties and was rushing to the resturant in hopes of acceptance.

Glancing at my watch as I approached the table, I was pleased to see that I had made it under the deadline. But my pleasure vanished when I saw Lady Marjorie's face: a study in disgust and disapproval. "You are making a spectacle of yourself with your adolescent hormones," she spat out. "Look at the mess you have made of your pants!" And sure enough, another supply of pre-cum had produced a wonderful dark spot at the apex of my "tent."

I hung my head in shame. "Forgive me, my Lady," I cowered.

"Forgiveness must be earned," she hissed. "I am leaving. When you can comport yourself appropriately, you may come to my room and try to earn that which you may never deserve. 1823." And she left, Elizabeth in close pursuit.

I collapsed, mortified, in the chair. Soon, I knew, I would have to go and face the music. But first I would have to change my pants.

Gathering my courage, I left the restaurant as quickly as I could, conscious of all the eyes upon me. Hurrying up to my room, I formed a plan as to how I could get back to Lady Marjorie's room without another "spot." Once inside my room, I tore off my clothes, got out a different outfit (I knew it wouldn't be good to arrive in unmatched clothes), and slipped a condom over my cock. Unlubricated, of course - that ought to deal with the stains. Then, after a quick glance in the mirror, I headed up to room 1823. All in all, it had taken less than ten minutes.

When I arrived outside her door, I knocked gently. "My Lady Marjorie, your miserable servant is here, and begs your permission to pay his penance." God, I hope nobody hears me now! "Wait" was the only reply. Which I did.

The cynical part of my brain figured she was hoping for another spot to form. While I was still quite hard, I figured I had that one licked, so to speak. After a seemingly interminable wait, I heard her voice again. "You may come in now," she said, "but leave your clothes outside. Except the cock cage."

My face must have turned beet red - it certainly felt hot enough! But this was too far gone by now to quit. Furtively glancing up and down the hall, I got out of my clothes as quickly as I could, dumping them into a small, if untidy, pile. Just asI was about to go n, I glanced down at the rbber. Better lose it too,I thought,aad quickly disposed of it. Then I entered the room.

The room turned out to be a suite, occupied by Lady Marjorie, Miss Elizabeth, and a severe woman sitting deep in an overstuffed chair. Lady Marjorie was replete with leather: long gloves, high boots, choker, and (the only time I have ever seen this) a leather pushier. This last was a piece of art. It ended just above her crotch, where her thick fuzz began, seeming at first glance to be attached lace. Above, her breasts were raised up, her nipples just peeking over the top edge. In her hand she held a riding crop; her eyes were fiery. My cock twitched at the sight.

Miss Elizabeth was in stark contrast to Lady Marjorie. Dressed in a soft, billowy peasant's dress, her shoulder length hair held in place with a cloth head band, her head bowed ever so slightly in a fashion which transmitted submission. And the enigma in the corner: her black, straight, hair pulled back into a bun. Dark grey suit, or so it seemed in the dim corner. Straight out of some kinky Alice in Wonderland.

"Don't stand there gaping, you insolent twerp! Don't you have something to say?"

Jarred back to the moment, I immediately dropped to the floor. "Please forgive me for the weakness of my body before, Lady Marjorie. It was thoughtless of me to subject you to such a public dis- grace. I am resolved to earn your forgiveness; give me my pen- ance, and I will execute it faithfully!" I kept my head bowed, and waited for her response.

"You have not yet earned the right to perform your penance. First, you must tend to my faithful servant; then, if you satisfy her, I will consider your request. Miss Elizabeth, he is yours." And with that Lady Marjorie took a seat on a simple wooden chair to watch.

Elizabeth came over to me and said, quietly, "I want to explore. Please don't come." To which Lady Marjorie replied, "Show more spunk, girl!" But clearly it was out of Elizabeth's nature. She pointed to a mat which was laid out next to the bed and said, a bit more loudly, "Down on all fours, and don't move!" I dashed over, got on all fours, facing the two seated women, my cock dripping with pre-cum. After a brief glance into their eyes, I thought better of it and lowered my head.

For the next half hour, Elizabeth did as thorough a cataloging of my body as I imagine is possible. She caressed, licked, and nibbled every part of me, beginning with my hair, and moving slowly down my torso to my sensitive feet. Her tongue pressed on to and into everything: tasting my ears, pressing against my closed eyes, running across my lips, down my spine, probing briefly at my asshole, circling my balls, running down the backs of my legs, exploring between my toes. Her hands stroked every surface: the lines between my chin and neck, the ridges on the back of my ear, the soft hair on my chest, the quivering of my arms as they remained steady, holding me up, the ridges of my spine, the little depression just at its base, the goosebumps on my thighs, the narrowness of my calves, the boniness of my ankles and feet. Then she turned to Lady Marjorie. "I'd like the toys now, My Lady!" Lady Marjorie went over behind the bar and retrieved something; I dared not lift my head to look. Another rustle of fabric as Elizabeth returned. "I've always wanted to try this," she said, mostly to herself.

I watched with some trepidation as she took a nipple clamp and placed it on my left nipple. I could not keep from flinching as it grabbed hold; all the while, Elizabeth was watching my face intent- ly. I reacted a bit less to the second clamp, but my eyes must have widened a great deal when I saw her move back and prepare to clamp my balls, already aching from their continued confinement in the cock cage. I hissed inward to control the pain as each clamp was applied, but otherwise maintained my composure. Then Elizabeth took for weights, and hung one from each clamp. I was in agony now, and my body started to shake. "Control yourself!" Lady Marjorie barked, and with an effort of will I quieted my body. Then Elizabeth continued with her explorations.

After gently batting the weights back and forth on my nipples, she moved next to my ass. Reaching around, she gathered up some of my pre-cum from my cock - I was like a leaky faucet, now - and slathered up my asshole. Then, slowly, deliberately, she started working something into my ass; a dildo, by the feel of it. Further and further in it went, twisting, probing, and then withdrawing. Soon she started fucking me with it, and I prayed that she wouldn't touch my cock, otherwise I would surely cum. Finally, just before I felt certain I would shoot my load, she stopped, withdrawing it, and caressed my asshole with her finger- tips.

Then she moved to my cock. It was hard, wet, and throbbing. Anyone could tell I was on the verge of coming. Would she spare me Lady Marjorie's wrath, or not? With a firm grip, she reached down and grabbed a hold of me. "Stand up," she declared, "I wish to taste your juices. But don't cum!" With that, she pulled me upright, as I stumbled a bit from being on my hands and knees for so long. The weights bounced around viciously as I got up, and the pain helped hold back my orgasm. Then, as I stood motionless before them, she got down on her knees and licked my cock clean. She smiled as she did so, never taking me into her mouth. I had been spared.

When Elizabeth was done, she turned to Lady Marjorie and said, "Thank you, My Lady. He is an interesting creature," and stepped back.

"Are you sure you're satisfied, Miss Elizabeth? Has he serviced your needs sufficiently?"

Elizabeth's head bowed, her face reddened. "May I have him..."

"Of course!"

"And would you hold me, My Lady?"

"Certainly, my dear."

With that began the scene I never expected to witness. Lady Marjorie got on the bed, sitting with her back to the wall, cushioned by the massive pillows, legs spread wide. Then Miss Elizabeth climbed on the bed, laying down with her head in Lady Marjorie's crotch, her legs and arms outstretched. Lady Marjorie reached down and held Elizabeth securely by her shoulders and arm pits. Then she said, "Jacques, come here and lift Miss Elizabeth's dress. Then you may kneel before her and bring her to orgasm with your mouth and tongue."

Gently I raised Elizabeth's dress above her waist, revealing her slender legs, her lush bush, and her inflamed, moist pussy lips. Not wasting a moment, I settled in to providing Elizabeth with the most exquisite pussy licking I knew how to give. I was a little sorry not to be able to use my fingers as well, but I knew I could put my nose to good use without raising any objections. I started by lightly tracing the outside of her labia with my tongue, then licking more broadly and firmly across her clit. As I snuggled down into her fragrant snatch to suck at her opening, I used my nose to press and manipulate her clit. Then the long, slow licks which started inside her, gradually withdrew, coursed up to her bush, and stopped. She was not long in responding; soon she had her knees bent so she could thrust her pelvis against me. I kept the pace slow, but began sucking and toying with her clit more. Soon she was moaning, and writhing exqui- sitely.

I looked up briefly as I completed one of my long licks, and saw a delicious sight. There was Elizabeth's head, pressed firmly against Lady Marjorie's twat, twisting and grinding away. Lady Marjorie was clearly enjoying it: her eyes were closed and a soft, ecstatic smile was on her lips. Not daring to tarry too long on the view, I returned to my efforts. Soon a second set of sighs began; Lady Marjorie was getting off. Elizabeth was struggling against her grip, and I was doing everything I can to prolong the experience. I knew it would be worth my while to have Lady Marjorie cum as well. So as Elizabeth seemed close to coming - her pussy walls would start to throb - I would withdraw my mouth, kiss her thighs, anything to help her back off. Then, when I felt it was safe, I would renew my ministrations.

The final moments seemed to be upon me when I heard a third moan join the chorus; this time from the austere woman behind me. I desperately wanted to see what she was doing, how she was manag- ing to pleasure herself, but I knew that would be fatal. So I pressed onward, nibbling, sucking, and licking, now determined to bring Elizabeth as quickly as I could.

It didn't take much. Suddenly her hips raised off the bed, and my head was locked between her thighs. I could feel the whole bed shake as Elizabeth and Lady Marjorie let loose with their orgasms; I hoped the mystery woman was too, although I could hear very little. When I was about to despair of ever being able to breathe again, Elizabeth abruptly released me, and collapsed. Looking up, I saw that Lady Marjorie had cum as well; she was listing to one side, her hands now idly caressing Elizabeth's breasts through the dress. Still, I dared not turn around, but merely waited pa- tiently for my next instruction.

Eventually, Lady Marjorie got up off the bed, leaving Elizabeth to lie in peace. "You have earned your right to penance," she said. "Get back on the mat on all fours." I scrambled off the bed and resumed my earlier position. A blindfold was placed over my eyes, the weights clamped to my nipples and balls were swung for good measure, and then Lady Marjorie spoke again.

"If you successfully endure this punishment, I will consider taking you on as a student. I will also be reporting your per- formance to Sandra. Any questions?" I shook my head no. "Very good. I want you to endure the punishment for as long as you can. You will signal that you are through by achieving orgasm. Oh yes, please stay as silent as you can."

There was an awful pause. Then the dildo was suddenly at my asshole, demanding entry. I relaxed my muscles as much as I could, and allowed it in. After a few moments of fucking, it was withdrawn, and replaced by a larger butt plug. I gasped as it was inserted deep inside me, and fastened with some kind of strap. I heard Lady Marjorie's voice, "Yes, place the receptacle underneath him. Good. Now, let us begin."

With that, I felt two things simultaneously: someone grabbed hold of my cock, and I was stropped across my ass. I recoiled from the pain, but quickly regained my position. Another blow, and the hand began pumping. There was an odd syncopation to the two sensations; the strokes bringing me closer to orgasm, the blows initially pushing me further away. I knew I would not be able to endure this for long, and was glad that I had not been ordered to refrain from coming. Soon, that low growl started to emerge from my throat, and I knew that orgasm was imminent. The blows and strokes continued until my first glob of cum streaked out; then the blows stopped. My body was wracked with shudders as spurt followed spurt. The weights were flying back and forth, pulling mercilessly at my nipples. I heard a voice say, "Milk him dry." The strokes cotinued, squeezing every last bit of fluid out from me, until I was in pain from trying to produce more. Finally whoever was milking me stopped, and I heard some- thing removed from beneath me. I struggled to keep from collaps- ing on the mat.

"Stand up," were Lady Marjorie's next words. I did so, the cock cage started to slowly slide off my now withering cock. Hands reached round to unsnap and remove it; otherwise, everything kept quite still. Finally, the blindfold was removed, and everyone was back as I had seen them; Lady Marjorie imperiously presiding over every- one, Miss Elizabeth standing demurely to one side, and the mystery lady sunken into the chair. "Your penance is now complete. Leave us now." And with that, she turned her back on me.

Staggered by the bluntness of my dismissal, I stumbled through the door. A quick glance back drew a hiss of disapproval; momen- tarily mindless of my naked state, I bolted into the hall. There were two women, not more than a yard from me, heading toward the elevator. As they shrieked, I grabbed my clothes and ran into the men's room. After dressing as fast as I could, I poked my head out of the door, and satisfied that the coast was clear, I headed toward my room.

Once back, I took a long, hot bath and tried to understand what I had done. Already, it seemed like a bizarre dream.

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