Men, one fact you'd better face - we women can plot when we need to. And plotting is exactly what we were doing. Our prey were two young and very macho cops, John and Rich. They had always been friends, but after they joined the force... they began to change. And we'd had enough.

We stated talking about how tough a guy gets when he has a gun and a badge. One of our gang started to shoot off: "I wonder how tough they'd both be without that shit." Then someone else in our gang said, "Yeah, how tough and macho would they be without those uniforms." It didn't take long for the idea to develop that these two dudes needed a real lesson they'd never forget. And that's how the plan started. It took time to set up our trap. A few weeks in fact. We had to make sure we could lure these two dudes to a place where we could surprise them, and then have all the time to do with them what we wanted. We scouted around and found any empty warehouse in a part of town no one dared come to. We had found our place. Next step, getting John and Rich there alone. That wasn't as hard as it might sound. We sent out a distress call that a crime was being committed at a different location a few blocks away. We knew they'd get the call. While both cops were smart, they were a bit too aggressive and we knew we could take advantage of this. We had enlisted the aid of a female friend named Beth to stage the fake crime. She was to play, get this irony, a rape victim. When John and Rich came to the location of the 'crime', they'd hear her moaning. Like the two macho jerks they were, we knew they'd come running in without thinking. And sure enough they did just that. They came into the room with guns in hand and spotted Beth crying that she'd been raped. Her clothes were pulled down. Rich and John drew near to her and then..... We had them.

The next thing they knew there were eight of us surrounding them with our own guns and they quickly knew they were overmatched. We took their guns and tied them up. We then blindfolded and gagged them and took them to the warehouse. One of the gang hid their patrol car and ripped out the car's communication system. The fun was just beginning. We now had all the time in the world to do what we planned and we wanted to make sure we enjoyed the complete experience. At the Warehouse We carried John and Rich into the warehouse and then removed their blindfolds. They looked stunned, but I don't think they had really caught on yet as to what we had in store for them. Since I was the leader, I started to explain how we felt about them and their disrespect of us. I explained that they were going to spend a long time with us and be taught a few things in a way they might not enjoy, but were sure to remember. I ordered the guys to bring John to a table we had set up with restraining devices to hold him down and where his tight, virgin butt would be exposed. I ordered two of the guys to slowly strip John, starting with his shirt, then T-shirt. I ran my hands over his chest as he stood half naked before me. Then had his shoes and pants removed. He now had nothing else on but a cute pair of Hanes white briefs size 34. I took my hands and rubbed them over his butt and felt my cock starting to throb. I then slowly put my hands inside the elastic of his shorts and ever so slowly pulled them down and off. His limp cock was exposed and we all just started to examine it.

A few more caresses of this hard ass and he was then tied down. One of the guys brought over a paddle which I made sure John saw. I then started to tan his hide. After each whack, you could hear John moaning and start seeing some serious red welts starting to form on his ass. I gave him 10 hard whacks. Remember the fun was just beginning. I then grabbed John's cock and started to pump it. It was getting hard, not a bad size either close to 9 inches long, and while not as round as a beer barrel, it was bigger than a sausage. You could see John trying to resist shooting his load, but I wasn't going to stop until I got him to shoot. It really didn't take long for him to reach climax, and feeling that gooey hot jism pumping into my hands almost had me coming. I then wiped John's face with his own cum. It had really been no more than an hour or two since we had trapped our prey and really we were just getting started. We had so much more in store for our two rookie cops.

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