I had been Master Robert's slave for only 1 week now, but already I would do anything - ANYTHING - he wished of me.

"Ama!" I heard him yell, "Kneel at readiness!" I scrambled over to his feet kneeling before him. I arched my back sitting on my crossed ankles, as I spread my knees wide to reveal a glistening cunt for him. "Good, Ama. You have pleased me well." "Thank you, Master," I said, with my eyes lowered in respect, but my head raised high. He came over to me removing the towel he wore from his recent shower. "Look, little Ama, at what you do to me." I smiled at him. "Yes, Master." He revealed a very hard cock for me. "I have a surprise this day for you, Ama," Master said, his eyes holding mine. "A surprise, Master?" "I found a trainer for you. He is going to teach you to please me." "Master, how? I thought I already please you. Do not make me. Please," I cried. I did not want to be with anyone, but Master Robert.

Master walked over the door without acknowledgement of my plea, to let in a huge, tanned man. His muscles bulged everywhere. He carried a soft leather whip in his hand. His eyes were steel balls that didn't see me as a girl, but saw me only as a toy. I looked stunned, and I quivered inside barely able to breath. I went to Master's feet to kiss them. "Please, Master." "Master Richard will teach you to suck me without gagging as you do." "But Master, this slave only gags once in a while." I pleaded with him. Why did he not teach me himself if such a thing could be taught. "Hush, Ama," Master told me, coldly.

Master Richard walked over to me as I sat in the kneel at readiness position again with my back straight and my knees spread wide, so as not to be beaten with the whip. Master Richard examined me all the way around. "Nice, Master Robert. You can sure pick them." I looked at Master, and he smiled. Master Richard took his pants off while facing my way. My Master went to him looking at me. "This is how Master Richard can teach you better than I," he said, and turned Master Richard around. Before me stood at least a twelve inch cock. My mouth opened in horror. How would I ever get that in my mouth? "Suck me, Ama, now," Master Richard ordered. I put him in my mouth but only part way before I gagged. Master Richard used the whip against my pussy with a swat. I cringed and nearly cried out. "Try it again." This time I tried to relax to get it further down my throat. I wanted to please him. I really did, but could not. Again he swatted my pussy with the whip. Tears welled up in my eyes which made it harder to suck him. Further down my throat I got him each time and every time he swatted my pussy till it stung. "Suck again, Ama. Do not gag and you will not be beaten." I took the mammoth cock into my mouth and nearly all the way that time. I did not wish to be hit again, but once more he hit my pussy.

"Suck it," he yelled. This time it went down my throat. I relaxed more and more until I could get it down without gagging. He forced his hips back and forth fucking my open mouth. "Yes, Ama, you can do it. Now swallow me." True fear filled my insides hoping I could swallow him all without leaking any. My pussy stung, and I did not want him to hit me again. Master Richard's orgasm approached with a shock and dripped into my mouth. I swallowed hard three times before the flow stopped. I nearly smiled to myself as he still fucked my mouth. I had not let any of his cum drip from my mouth. Without a word from me, Master Richard pulled his cock from my mouth and I sat straight for Master. He turned to Master Robert and said to him, "She is trained." "Thank you, Master Richard. You did well." I wanted to tell him it had been me that did well. All Master Richard did was force his huge cock down my throat. Master Richard left the apartment and my Master came to me. "Now suck me off that way," he ordered. I took Master's cock into my mouth till his balls hit my chin. I did not gag or even flinch. His eight inches were now a blessing to me. While Master fucked my mouth, I pushed my heels into my cunt to please myself. My hips wiggled back and forth to rub my clit. "Swallow me, Ama, now," he told me. The warmth of Master's cum sprung into my mouth and deep down my throat. I relished my Master's cum. I even longed for it. I swallowed all of him as I began to grind my cunt into my heels making myself cum. As Master stopped cumming, and I swallowed the last of his cum, he took his cock from my mouth and grabbed onto me tightly. "Oh, Ama, you please me so much." I smiled cuddled in his strong arms. I had learned and knew that the next lesson he would bring to me, I would also be able to learn.

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